Gibtelecom’s SIP trunking fully or partially replaces your traditional analogue or ISDN lines, enabling you to quickly and cost effectively add capacity when required. Gibtelecom’s SIP service is a fully converged solution, with your calls made over a dedicated private circuit using your existing enterprise fibre broadband or suitable fibre connection, rather than via a traditional phone line.

SIP trunks provide a fully featured, cost effective and proven choice for voice communication. SIP trunking is an IP based voice solution which uses the SIP international standard, replacing traditional analogue lines with virtual lines over a data network. Numbers are assigned to Trunks in order to receive inbound calls and the system is highly flexible and can be scaled to suit your needs. Carried across our highly resilient network, you can be assured of excellent call quality, as well as providing disaster recovery and business continuity planning as calls can automatically re-routed to another office location in the event of an emergency.
Moving your calls and phone numbers to SIP is straightforward; we’ll take care of everything for you and ensure a seamless transition. We’ll test everything thoroughly to make sure your connection can handle everything perfectly and it can really cut your costs, because you can say goodbye to separate phone line rental and consolidate your communications spend.

What you’ll need to use Gibtelecom SIP services

  • A Gibtelecom internet connection that gives you enough bandwidth. We recommend our Enterprise Fibre Broadband offering.
  • A SIP compatible phone system
  • A phone number or DDI number block to make and receive calls

Benefits of Gibtelecom’s SIP trunk service

  • Reduced line rental costs as well as new avenues for conferencing and collaboration
  • Make the most of your existing internet connection
  • Reassurance that call quality will never be compromised.
  • Help and support available, whenever you need it
  • Added flexibility and control. SIP trunks are easily scalable and grow with your business

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