5G is here, today

June 17, 2021
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Gibtelecom has today announced the launch of 5G in Gibraltar.

“5G is going to be a gamechanger for Gibraltar. Whether it’s for our people or business, the power of this next-generation network is going to unlock a world of possibilities for our economy and society” said Noel Burrows, CEO of Gibtelecom. Mr Burrowsfurther comments that the latest technology will be able to offer speeds that are many times faster than thecurrent 4G+ technology. These higher speeds ofgigabitsper second are the equivalent of a fibre optic connection over-the-air. 5G will provide consumers and businesses alike withdelay-free downloads, buffer-free streaming and a much better and more reliable connection at extra busy times and areas.

“But it is the impact that 5G will have on the world around us over time that makes it super-exciting” says Adrian Ochello, Director of Consumer and Marketing. “Besides enhanced speeds, the power of 5G liesin its extremely high responsiveness and reliability, lowerlatency, and consequent ability to allow multiple devices to communicate with each otherprecisely and seamlessly. In present times, the “Internet of Things” has become a buzz term for a connected world, where everything that can access the internet will do so. This includes everyday objects, appliances, sensors, devices……cars, you name it. 5G sets the foundation for future communications.”

5G is now available to all Gibtelecom mobile customers and at no extra cost. You’ll only need a compatible 5G device, and a 4G-ready SIM card as these will seamlessly work on 5G. If you’re on an older generation SIM card, Gibtelecom will swap it for free. At launch, 5G will work with two leading brands, Apple and Xiaomi. Gibtelecom has the leading iPhone 12 range, as well as a selection of Xiaomi 5G smartphones available as from today.

5G is safe

The consistent conclusions from scientists, public health agencies and expert groups is that compliance with international guidelines protects against all established health risks.With decades of scientific research, the World Health Organisation and many other public health bodies have found no health risks.

“It is importantthe general public consider the evidence and understand that 5G is not harmful” said Jansen Reyes, Director of Technology as he provides some reassurances:

“5G frequencies are covered by existing international exposure guidelines and regulations for radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF). These international guidelines are based on extensive reviews of published scientific research spanning several decades. Such guidelines apply in the same way to 5G as they do to existing 2G, 3G and 4G technologies and other radio frequencies such as radio and TV transmissions.The fact is that 5G uses the same group of radio waves and technologies that have been used for years with no negative effect on health. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has approved the use of spectrum in the 3.5GHz - 3.6GHz band, and at 700MHz – very close to the ones currently used for 4G, WiFi and digital television signals”

Mr Reyes further reassures that “Gibtelecomthoroughly tests and measures the compliance levels of its antennas and takes the safety of its customers, the public and the environment very seriously. Gibtelecom follows industry best-practice, complies with EU and national regulations and strictly adheres to international safetyguidelines to ensure all services and the technology delivering them are safe.”

Double data for free

  • Customers on latest Pay Monthly and Monster Bundle plans will benefit from up to double data allowance for free. Customers don’t need to do anything; the increase will be automatic.
  • Older plans e.g. Mini, Midi or Maxi plans will not change. Customers on these older plans are significantly better off switching to the latest Pay Monthly plans
  • The larger plans are now packed with 100GB of data every month, allowing customersto keep always connected and make the most of their 5G experience.

Pay Monthly plan

Price per month

10GB now 12GB


14GB now 25GB


20GB now 40GB


30GB now 60GB


50GB now 100GB



Monster Bundle plan

Price per month

20GB now 40GB + 100Mb broadband + Sofi TV

£55 (£30 for pensioners)

30GB now 60GB + 100Mb broadband + Sofi TV


30GB now 60GB + 500Mb broadband + Sofi TV


50GB now 100GB + 1Gb broadband + Sofi TV



Further details are available at gibtele.com/personal/mobile/no-contract or on 20052200.


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