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  • Gibtelecom launches 4G+ on the Rock

    15 Feb 16

    Gibtelecom today announced the launch of its Gibtel mobile 4G+ service, with mobile broadband speeds of up to 225Mbps available. The announcement was made at a launch event held at Gibtelecom’s Customer Services Centre in John Mackintosh Square, …
  • Gibtelecom and Telekom Malaysia sign cooperation agreements

    02 Nov 15

    Last week Telekom Malaysia (TM) and Gibtelecom signed strategic network cooperation agreements. Under these arrangements TM are to provide Gibtelecom with an extension to their international network to Malaysia and south-east Asia, and TM’s …
  • Mobile data roaming

    30 Oct 15

    Gibtelecom, in responding to this week’s decision by the European Parliament on the eventual withdrawal of roaming charges within the bloc, said that its charges are already in line with the existing roaming regulations of the European Union (EU) …
  • St John Ambulance receives “First Responder” motorbike from Gibtelecom

    12 Oct 15

    Gibtelecom presented St John Ambulance with Gibraltar’s first ever “first responder” motorbike at a presentation ceremony held on Friday 9 October 2015, at the St John Ambulance headquarters at North Mole Road. First responder motorbikes are …
  • Gibtelecom’s continuing development of home grown talent

    04 Sep 15

    For the third year in a row, Gibtelecom is offering students on degree courses the opportunity to be supported during their studies and be considered for employment with the Company.  The Company’s ‘Employer Led Degree Programme’, scheme …
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