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Gibtelecom and Telekom Malaysia sign cooperation agreements

02 Nov 15

Last week Telekom Malaysia (TM) and Gibtelecom signed strategic network cooperation agreements. Under these arrangements TM are to provide Gibtelecom with an extension to their international network to Malaysia and south-east Asia, and TM’s European network would be extended via Gibtelecom’s new fibre network and point of presence in Marseilles to central Europe.

Ganesh Sivasamboo, TM’s General Manager Regional and Alliances Sales, in welcoming this partnership said “our companies have been able to leverage their respective networks into a long-term partnership, which works well for both parties. Gibtelecom provides Telekom Malaysia with more route diversity into Europe and in turn we help Gibtelecom extend its reach further into Asia”.

Gibtelecom’s Chief Operations Officer, Adrian Moreno, said “Telekom Malaysia is a key and new strategic partner for Gibtelecom, with whom we look forward to working and growing. Through this arrangement Gibtelecom now has the direct ability to service its customers looking to reach beyond India and into south-east Asia from Europe”.

“This deal further establishes Gibtelecom as a global communications carrier” commented Gibtelecom’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Bristow, “extending the Company’s reach southwards by over 4,000 kilometres.” He added that “the Company’s global network now runs nearly half way round the world, with this new path interconnecting with Gibtelecom’s extant 15,000 kilometres Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable route running from London to Mumbai in India. It is through this investment, and building Gibtelecom points of presence in Marseilles and elsewhere in mainland Europe, that this exciting deal with TM has become a reality.”

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