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Gibtelecom completes convergent billing transformation in a year

29 Jul 14

Gibtelecom and Cerillion Technologies, a leading provider of next generation customer management systems, today announced the completion of a new computerised system for all customers’ services, billing and network records.

Going live in September last year, the new system, called CRM Plus, handles over one hundred million real-time communications records and supports all of Gibtelecom’s fixed line, mobile, broadband, and business enterprise services.

Commenting on this major transformational project, Dino Cano, Cerillion programme manager responsible for the delivery of the project, said “Gibtelecom had been preparing and planning this complex project for well over a year, although the actual work to move from the old to the new system took just over six months.” He added “As a Gibraltarian based overseas, I have been involved with many similar projects of this magnitude and larger in a number of different countries. In my experience, the time it usually takes to migrate successfully from one system to another is well above that taken by Gibtelecom to accomplish this “mega” task. The fact that the changeover also went relatively smoothly and according to plan is a credit to the Company and its dedicated personnel”.

By moving to a single convergent billing platform for managing its entire portfolio of fixed, mobile, internet, and business enterprise services, Gibtelecom has reduced the time taken to process payments as well as halving the time taken to process Gibtelecom’s billing cycles, further improving operational efficiency and ensuring timely bill delivery.

“Gibtelecom has been putting CRM Plus through its paces since it was introduced late last year, and we are already seeing operational benefits being achieved.” said Tim Bristow, CEO, Gibtelecom. “Customers seem to like the new bill format and are pleased with the streamlined interaction and experience with our customer services teams.”

“Since consolidating all services onto the Cerillion platform, we are now perfectly placed to leverage our convergent network capabilities with innovative service bundles and new enterprise offerings,” added George Gaskin, Gibtelecom’s Associate Director/Technical. “And by providing a single point of reference for all services, the Cerillion system is also giving us greater visibility and intelligence of how our network is actually performing.”

“Completing a full, convergent billing transformation in less than a year is a tremendous achievement for Gibtelecom,” commented Louis Hall, CEO, Cerillion Technologies. “We are delighted to be their strategic billing partner and look forward to further close collaboration and success together in the future.”

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