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Gibtelecom’s continuing development of home grown talent

04 Sep 15

For the third year in a row, Gibtelecom is offering students on degree courses the opportunity to be supported during their studies and be considered for employment with the Company. 

The Company’s ‘Employer Led Degree Programme’, scheme serves as successor to Gibtelecom’s successful Sponsored Undergraduate initiative which has seen the Company take on 14 undergraduates over the past 10 years, with 6 having found permanent employment with Gibtelecom.

Gibtelecom’s Chief Operations Officer, Adrian Moreno, said “Finding the right talent in our industry has generally proved challenging due to the increasing demands for communications-related engineers throughout the world. With the Employer led Degree Program Gibtelecom aims to develop home grown talent and support local students through approved technical studies related to an engineering discipline.” 

Aimed at top students achieving good A-level results and choosing an approved degree course, Gibtelecom’s Employer Led Programme will see the Company supporting these students by offering work placements during their university breaks; payment of £1,000 per term during their studies; and a golden handshake of £6,000 on successfully taking up employment with Gibtelecom having obtained at least a 2:1 honours degree.  

Gibtelecom also runs a number of other employment initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to support the local community. The Company has been running a work placement scheme over the past years for students whose course requires them to undertake a year in a business environment. This scheme has seen Gibtelecom take on 13 year placements since its inception in 2003. Past participants have mentioned how undertaking a placement year at Gibtelecom is a great opportunity to put the skills they have learned at university into practice.

Gibtelecom also offers placements to university students over the summer – a very popular scheme which has seen nearly 600 placements, representing 390 students, since its inception over 20 years ago. Gibtelecom’s aim is to make students aware of the working environment and for the students’ stay at the Company to be an interesting and rewarding experience.

Gibtelecom’s Senior Human Resources Advisor, Mark Chichon, emphasised the importance of this initiative for university students in terms of gaining invaluable experience in the working environment. He commented “Together with Gibtelecom’s summer student programme and other initiatives, the Company’s commitment to develop home grown talent with its “Employer led degree programme” is a unique opportunity and offers students an insight into the demands of a dynamic and challenging technological business environment. Gibtelecom sets the benchmark when it comes to supporting Gibraltar’s community in such a way.”  

In addition there is the Gibtelecom Apprenticeship Scheme, where 16 apprentices over three intakes have benefited from telecommunications training and internationally recognised qualifications from Gibtelecom, working in partnership with HM Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar College of Further Education.  

Three apprentices from the third intake recently completed their four years’ apprenticeship scheme and the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT & Telecoms Professionals, with two taking up employment with Gibtelecom. The five apprentices from the second intake, who graduated in 2014 and the eight apprentices from the first intake, who graduated in 2012, are also employed with Gibtelecom. 

Michael Benitez, an apprentice from the third intake who has now taken up employment with Gibtelecom, says “My apprenticeship has been a very educational and informative four year period which has helped me further develop my skills and knowledge in relation to the telecommunications world. I now understand all the fundamentals which are required in order to provide a quality service with resilience and customer satisfaction in such a rapidly moving business. I am grateful for the opportunities which have been made available by Gibtelecom as I have progressed though this journey and I look forward to further developing my skills in order to work towards a successful future with the Company.” 

Kairon Morillo, another apprentice from the third intake who has also taken up employment with Gibtelecom, states that “On the whole, the apprenticeship has been a great starting point for my career. To this day, I am still gathering knowledge towards the technology behind telecommunications. I have come to realise that it is a fast paced ongoing evolution. After completing the four year apprenticeship, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the most experienced technicians, all whom which have shown me the best work ethics. I am looking forward to continue progressing in my career within Gibtelecom.”

After successfully completing their training programme, Micheal and Kairon are currently working in Gibtelecom’s Customer IT Desktop Support and Enterprise Services and Data Centres sections respectively.

Gibtelecom’s aim is to train sufficient local talent to serve one of the pillars of the local economy, telecommunications. The Company’s commitment to this ambition is manifested through the Gibtelecom Apprenticeship Scheme; Sponsored Undergraduate initiative; Gibtelecom’s work placements; and Employer Led Degree programme, as well as extensive tailored training opportunities for employees. 


Pictured: Apprentices Michael Benitez and Kairon Morillo qualified in 2014 


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