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30 Oct 15

Gibtelecom, in responding to this week’s decision by the European Parliament on the eventual withdrawal of roaming charges within the bloc, said that its charges are already in line with the existing roaming regulations of the European Union (EU) and that the Company would withdraw European roaming charges in accordance with the declared rules and timetable. However, in response to customer representations regarding high overseas roaming charges, particularly in relation to accessing data in some countries outside Europe where bill shocks of several hundred pounds or more can be experienced, Gibtelecom has decided to bar data roaming from 1 November 2015 for its post-paid mobile (monthly billed) customers for the rest of the world beyond the European Economic Area (EEA). Those customers who have already elected to be placed on a Gibtelecom “whitelist”, releasing them of any caps on the amount of data roaming they wish to use, would not be affected by this step being taken by the Company. Customers will be receiving an SMS from Gibtelecom on the matter.

A Company spokesperson commented that “in contrast to data roaming rates within the EEA, where Gibtelecom charges 15p per megabyte of usage, a customer roaming in Morocco, for example, would be charged at least £8 per megabyte because of the Moroccan operator’s charges. Another example, in Turkey, streaming a 30 minutes video whilst data roaming could cost over £1,700, compared to around £30 inside the EEA.” The spokesperson added that an indication of the rates charged in these non-EEA countries is available on the Gibtelecom website at

CEO, Tim Bristow, said “this measure is being taken as a necessary safeguard, and certainly those customers who already have arranged to, or want to, data roam without hindrance will have the ability to do so. For customers who want to set up data roaming outside Europe they can contact Gibtelecom by email, telephone or call in at our John Mackintosh Square shop to be immediately freed up to do so wherever in the world.” He added that “this precautionary measure is not expected to impact many customers and those on Gibtelecom’s “Reload” service should also not be affected as their expenditure is already being self-controlled through their purchase of prepaid usage.”

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