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Statement on latest EU roaming regulations

04 May 16

Gibtelecom’s roaming charges have always been below or at the varying caps set by the European Union’s (EU) roaming regulations. Since the regulations were first introduced in 2007, Gibtelecom subscribers have seen their prices for mobile calls whilst roaming abroad in the European Economic Area (EEA) reduced by over 50%, with data usage savings of nearly 75%.


The latest EU roaming regulations are heading towards the abolition of roaming surcharges as from June 2017. Gibtelecom has previously announced that the Company would withdraw said surcharges in accordance with the declared rules and timetable, which includes a “transitional period” up until June next year. The EU have not yet specified how certain aspects of the abolition of roaming surcharges will work in practise, including how operators would carry on charging each other for the use of their respective mobile networks by roamers. 


The new roaming regulations provides operators some flexibility on how the charges are to be applied, as laid down in the regulations therein. This is dependent on the circumstances and condition of their respective markets so that they can continue to operate as a viable business. The new roaming regulations are designed with large EU mobile service providers, with tens of millions of subscribers, in mind. In Gibraltar and Gibtelecom’s case, the small size of the customer base, and consequent lack of economies of scale and critical mass, may require minor adjustments to be made to the EU roaming surcharges.


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