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Superswift fibre broadband arrives in Gibraltar

01 Sep 14

Gibtelecom today announced that it is rolling out fibre broadband throughout Gibraltar, with speeds of up to 100Mbps starting to be available later this year.

Following an extensive and ongoing upgrade of its technical infrastructure, Gibtelecom will now commence offering increased fibre broadband download packages of up to 100Mbps, 50Mbps or 16Mbps wherever possible. The upgrade in technology is facilitating Gibtelecom reducing the cost per megabit, for example, customers currently on the 8Mbps package could see the price halved or for an extra four pounds their download speed increased six fold to 50Mbps.

Gibtelecom is nearing completion of an extensive, 30 month long, build-out that has involved installing Fibre-To-The-Node (FTTN) technology in over fifty sites throughout Gibraltar. As a result, most local addresses will be no more than 400 to 500 metres away from these sites, ensuring that the majority of Gibraltar can benefit from Gibtelecom’s SuperSwift broadband coverage. 

In parallel to the technical rollout, customers are systematically being connected to the new infrastructure. “By the October launch this year 50 percent of Gibtelecom’s customers on the Rock are expected to be able to benefit from broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps, with a further 25 percent being connected through to the turn of the year with the remainder coming on stream in the first half of 2015” said Gibtelecom’s Chief Operations Officer, Adrian Moreno.

Gibtelecom’s Director Technology, Jansen Reyes, added “this capital investment of over £3 million in our Next-Generation Network and increased fibre footprint should serve Gibraltar for many years to come. It is a crucial development in making high-speed broadband available to customers. With global internet traffic set to triple in the next five years, the speed and reliability delivered by fibre broadband will allow the local community to fully embrace their digital experience. FTTN technology opens up a whole new world of online possibilities. It allows for very fast streaming of multimedia and caters for multiple connected devices without compromising the overall experience.”

The Chairman of Gibtelecom and Deputy Chief Minister, The Hon Dr Joseph Garcia, in welcoming Gibtelecom’s plans to significantly increase internet speeds to which he had referred in his July budget address, said “fibre broadband availability is a key enabler for a networked society and services-led economy like Gibraltar.” Tim Bristow, Gibtelecom’s CEO, added “that the Company’s new SuperSwift product should put Gibraltar at the forefront of Europe when it comes to internet access speeds.” The European Commission has set targets for EU countries to deliver 30Mbps broadband to subscribers by 2020.  They have also stated that 50% of households should benefit from up to 100Mbps or higher by the same date. 

Gibtelecom will be officially launching its fibre broadband services as from 24 October 2014. In the meantime, customers will be able to pre-order the service or register their interest at 


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