Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet is a great way to access the Internet when out and about, or at home. You can browse, check email, chat or download small files. You don’t need a landline and can choose from one of our data bundles or pay as you use. Simply pick the tariff that’s right for you, plug the modem or dongle into your laptop or turn on your mobile phone, then surf away!

Gibtelecom operates GPRS and 3G mobile networks, providing you with internet access on your mobile device around the Rock. The difference between the networks is speed, with maximum reachable speeds on the GPRS network of 160kbps and maximum speeds of 1.8Mbps on the 3G network*. The network which you connect to will depend on the capabilities of your mobile device.

Mobile Internet access is available by default with all our mobile plans, including Reload (see MI 0 in the data bundle tables). In order to use Mobile Internet you may require data settings to be sent to your mobile device. This can be done by clicking here or calling 194. Normally the APN is and no username or password is required.


You can choose to pay for the data you use or buy a data allowance to suit your usage and take advantage of cheaper rates. See the table for details and pricing.

How does Mobile Internet work?

With Mobile Internet if you don’t subscribe to a bundle or have used up your monthly data allowance you pay for the amount you use. To estimate how much you think you’ll use, think of a MB as 160 WAP pages or 20 web pages or 100 emails with no attachments or 10 emails with a one page document attached.

For details on how to subscribe to Reload data bundles click here. If your are a pay monthly (contract) customer, you can subscribe by e-mailing our Customer Services team at or alternatively pop in to our offices at John Mackintosh Square.


  • Mobile Internet bundles are an extra charge, in addition to your existing plan charges.
  • At the end of the month any unused data allowance is not carried forward into the next month.
  • You can use Mobile Internet while roaming in a number of countries worldwide, but this usage is not included as part of the bundle and is charged extra. We recommend that you set network selection to manual on your mobile device to prevent accidental roaming, as data roaming charges depend on distant operator charges and may be high.
  • Videotelephony is also available on enabled handsets. In order to use this service both the calling and receiving parties need to subscribe by dialling 194. Video calls are priced at the same rate as voice calls.
  • In order to access Mobile Internet on your laptop you should insert your SIM card into a 3G modem or dongle (available from Gibtelecom’s Customer Service Centre) or connect your mobile device to your laptop via Bluetooth or USB.
Contract bundles
 Bundle Monthly charge MB included Out of bundle charge per MB
 MI 0  £0  0  14p
 MI 100MB  £5  100  10p
 MI 250 MB £9 250 8p
 MI 500MB  £14  500 4p
 MI 3GB+  £29  Unlimited  0
 MI 5GB+  £39 Unlimited 0

reload bundles
 Bundle Monthly charge Data included
 MI 0 -  0 (pay as you use, 14p per MB)
 DATA 250MB  £9 250MB (for 30 days)
 DATA 500MB  £14 500MB (for 30 days)
 DATA 3GB+  £29 Unlimited (for 30 days)
 DATA 5GB+ £39 Unlimited (for 30 days)
 DATA BB £29 Unlimited (for 30 days) inc BlackBerry service




Mobile Internet fair usage policy

Mobile Internet is not intended for peer‐to‐peer (P2P) file sharing, excessive downloading, VoIP phone calls, continuous streaming of audio/video content, or any other use that adversely impacts the service to other Gibtelecom customers. This includes using an excessive volume of data (over 3GB for 3GB+ bundles and over 5GB for 5GB+ bundles) within a calendar month.

If Gibtelecom reasonably suspects that a customer is not acting in accordance with this policy, the Company reserves the right to introduce certain measures including, but not limited to, network protection controls (e.g. a reduction in speed of transmission). Should the problem persist, Gibtelecom also reserves the right to charge additional fees and/or terminate service, having attempted to contact the customer first.

*Note: Actual speeds depend on radio conditions, handset and accessed site and most customers will obtain speeds of at least 40kbps on GPRS or 700-800kbps on 3G.