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Being mobile in Gibraltar has never been easier with Gibtel's reload service! For details of tariffs and call charges click here

Checking and replenishing your reload balance

There are several ways to replenish your reload account balance:

Purchasing a reload scratchcard

£10 and £25 scratchcards are available at Gibtelecom’s Customer Service Centre and from various retail outlets throughout Gibraltar.


To check your credit balance dial the shortcode *100# and press send. Your credit balance will appear on your screen.

To top up your account dial the shortcode *101* reload scratchcard number# and press send. Your new balance and expiry date will appear on your screen. This facility allows you to check the 14 digit number before sending.

Freephone 888

Dial 888 from your reload number. You will then be given three options:

Press 1 to check your balance
Press 2 to top up your credit using a scratchcard number
Press 3 to speak to a Customer Service Agent

Should you wish to hear these prompts in Spanish, press 3 and a Customer Service Agent will arrange this for you.

N.B. Please note that Freephone 888 is not available whilst roaming


reload customers can replenish their account balance wherever there is internet access, be it at home, at the office or even abroad. Just click here, enter the mobile number you wish to replenish, select the amount you wish to recharge, and you will be immediately linked to a secure WorldPay site where you can pay using a credit or debit card. There is no additional charge for using this service. Customers can recharge their accounts from £5 to £25 (in multiples of £5) allowing greater flexibility when topping up.

N.B. Credit or debit cards must be registered to a Gibraltar address.

For security reasons top-ups are limited to a maximum spend of £100 per reload account within a seven day period. Rechargeable amounts may be rolled-over within the seven days. For example, if you recharge your account with £50 on Monday and £50 the following day (Tuesday) then you may recharge your account the following Monday with a maximum of £50, as there is still a £30 re-charge amount from the previous Tuesday pending the seven day clearance limit.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Gibtelecom’s SMS service centre number is +35058000003. Most SIM cards have Gibtelecom’s service centre number pre-programmed, ensuring that this service is readily available.

Please refer to your mobile handset’s manual on how to compose and access SMS messages as it may vary between makes/models.

Multimedia Message Service (MMS)

MMS will allow you to send and receive picture messages from your mobile to another mobile, or even an email address. For configuration please call 194.

It is good practice to erase messages once read/viewed as your GSM phone has a limited amount of memory and could prevent you from receiving new mail.

reload bundles

Gibtelecom offers great value through its bundles, which when purchased offer you considerable savings.

Internet bundles

DATA250MB – The DATA 250MB bundle allows you to purchase 250MB of mobile internet for a period of 30 days at £9.

DATA500MB – The DATA 500MB bundle allows you to purchase 500MB of mobile internet for a period of 30 days at £14.

DATA3GB – The DATA 3GB+ bundle allows you to purchase unlimited internet for 30 days at £29 (fair usage policy applies after 3GB).

DATA5GB – The DATA 5GB+ bundle allows you to purchase unlimited internet for 30 days at £39 (fair usage policy applies after 5GB).

NOTE: Additional bundles may be purchased which will be added on to the existing period. The internet service is deactivated for roaming during the bundle period. Terms and conditions and Fair Usage policies apply.

TIP: Customers may check their data bundle expiry period or usage by texting DATACHECK to 8100.

SMS bundles

SMS100 – The SMS100 bundle allows you to buy 100 SMS messages for £3.50.

SMS200 – The SMS200 bundle allows you to buy 200 SMS messages for £6 - with messages for only 3p!

NOTE : SMS Bundles have a thirty day expiry date, however purchasing another bundle within the thirty day period will bring forward any remaining SMS messages from the previous bundle.This service is not available whilst roaming. Terms and conditions apply.

TIP: You can check your SMS bundle balance by texting SMSCHECK to 8100.

Bundle activation

All bundles can also be activated via an SMS message to 8100 using the keywords (shown in block text) as follows:-

SMS100 – SMS100 bundle activation.
SMS200 – SMS200 bundle activation.
DATA250MB – 250MB internet activation.
DATA500MB – 500MB internet activation.
DATA3GB+ – 30 day unlimited internet activation (reduced speeds after 3GB).
DATA5GB+ – 30 day unlimited internet activation (reduced speeds after 5GB).

Furthermore, customers may also activate both SMS and internet bundles by visiting the Gibtelecom Customer Service Centre at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square.

Additional Information


Please note that the validity period on your reload service is 270 days from the date of your last recharge, after which any outstanding credit will be lost. You then have an extra month in which you will only be able to receive calls and replenish your account. If your account is not replenished service will be lost for a further 90 days, after wihich your reload account will be disconnected resulting in the loss of your reload mobile number. During these 90 days service will be restricted but can be restored by replenishing your account.

Customer services

Dial freephone 888 and press 3 to access customer services. Alternatively you may also dial 194 free for any mobile faults or configuration.