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Company history

Gibtelecom is the leading telecommunications provider to Gibraltar’s home and business users. The Company is both aware of the needs of its customers and equally of the opportunities which arise as a result of Gibraltar’s significant international financial services, maritime and e-gaming industries.

Gibtelecom provides customers with products and services matching those offered by leading telecommunications companies throughout the world. The Company’s experienced and dedicated staff guarantee that customers receive a professional and customised service. Gibtelecom was the first Gibraltar business to receive the “Recognised for Excellence” accreditation from the European Foundation for Quality Management, and is also an ISO9001 certified Company.

2019 brought a change of leadership for Gibtelecom.  After 17 years’ service to the company Tim Bristow stepped down as CEO.

In May 2019 the Board and Staff at Gibtelecom welcomed Noel Burrows to the helm.  Noel bought with him over 20 years of telecom experience.

MyGibtelecom App was also launched in 2019 enabling customers to access all of Gibtelecom’s services, including viewing and paying bills, re-loads and make purchases, all from the comfort of the home. 

In the summer of 2019, in conjunction with Ericsson Iberia, Gibtelecom announced the commencement of 5G trials before the end of the year and with a full roll out due in 2020.

In August, Gibtelecom welcomed Matthieu Mamou as its Chief Financial Officer.

Later in the autumn Gibtelecom launched new mobile data bundles, for both contract and post-paid customers.  Gibtelecom recognised the increased demand for data in today’s online world and therefore are offering greater usage to their customers.


2018 was a very exciting year for Gibtelecom.  In January we announced our new fully licensed TV service, Sofi, to be launched in the summer.  Sofi is available throughout Gibraltar, via a Set Top Box and through our “Soundbox”, offering over 60 channels, with new channels coming direct to the customer and supported by a dedicated TV helpline. 

Following on from the success of Sofi, in November 2018 Gibtelecom launched Lobster.  An all English mobile service for ex-pats in Spain.  From our offices in Madrid under the care of Gabriel Miquez, Managing Director of Zinniatel, Lobster has appealed to many “Brits” and become an overnight success.

Gibtelecom launched a specialised data centres services business, Rockolo, operating at arm’s length from, its parent Company, Gibtelecom. Operating since the start of 2017, this separate entity dedicated to the provisioning of data centre services will allow for a greater focus and specialisation on what is a highly demanding and technology dependent business.

Gibtelecom decommissioned it's ADSL network, which has served the company well since broadband was launched in 2002. in order to invest in new technology and be able to offer and deploy new services and faster technologies quickly, which is made easier when you don’t need to support legacy networks.When Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology was first launched in Gibraltar by Gibtelecom over a decade ago, broadband offerings ranged from 256kbps to a maximum speed of 512 kbps. Following substantial investment Gibtelecom was one of the first operators to roll out GVector technology nationwide, allowing it to make the best use of the existing copper communications network.  Gibtelecom now offers speeds of up to 100Mbps throughout Gibraltar, well ahead of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda targets for 2020 of all citizens having at least 30Mbps download speeds and well placed to meet the target of 50% of European households subscribing to speeds of 100Mbps. 


4G+ services lauched on the Rock offering outdoor speeds on mobile devices of up to 225Mbps

Gibtelecom signed a contract with Ericsson, its long-term mobile partners, in February 2015 for the provision of enhanced mobile services and equipment, including 4G+.

HM Government of Gibraltar bought back Telekom Slovenije’s 50 per cent shareholding in the Company in November 2014 in the light of the ongoing sale of the Telekom Slovenije group.

Gibtelecom completed the purchase of the Haven building, facilitating the expansion of the Company’s extant technical facilities in the Haven building and allow the Company to house there, amongst other things, its next generation communications switch that will eventually replace the existing telephone exchange currently located in City Hall.

The Company introduced its “SuperSwift” fibre broadband service, with the majority of Gibraltar being able to access broadband download speeds of up to 100Mbps. These new speeds were made possible through the extension of the fibre optic network to a large number of remote offices and nodes throughout Gibraltar, requiring extensive infrastructure works. Gibtelecom can claim to be amongst the first telecoms operators in the world to roll-out this g.Vector technology nationwide.

Gibtelecom hosted the Teleforum for telecom operators of small states whose membership comprises former incumbent communication companies from states which have a population of up to 2 million. This twenty-second meeting of the Teleforum attracted some 70 participants from the telecoms industry, made up from 16 member companies and 14 sponsoring businesses.


Gibtelecom embarked on an initiative to have Gibraltar’s main tourist locations covered by Wi-Fi as well as completing an extensive programme for expanding the Company’s mobile data network, ensuring that customers and visitors have access to data connectivity throughout Gibraltar. 

The Company completed the replacement and upgrade of its computerised system for network records, customer services and billing functions. The new system helped to enhance the customer experience, with a newly formatted and easier to understand unified bill.

Gibtelecom successfully completed the connection of the Company’s pan-European network from Gibraltar to Madrid via Monaco.


Two new purpose-built data centres were built and commissioned at the Company’s Mount Pleasant premises, thereby increasing rack capacity to meet the growing demand for such facilities.

Strategic partnerships forged with Monaco Telecom and Vodacom South Africa who selected Gibtelecom to be their carrier of choice on the EIG system. 

VDSL2 rollout commenced, extending the Company’s extensive fibre network through the implementation of street cabinets and bringing the associated electronics even closer to customers’ premises to be able to maximise the use of the extant copper network.

Successful introduction of fixed and mobile number portability


2011 saw one of the Company’s major transformational projects come to fruition – the Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable project. Gibtelecom was a founding partner in the $700 million EIG system, a 15,000 kilometre system utilising next generation fibre optic technology, being built by a consortium of 16 telecoms companies. The cable which has a current capacity of 3.84 terabits along the entire route, connects three continents and provides seamless interconnection with other major cable systems connecting Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

In September 2011 Gibtelecom commissioned a technical Point of Presence (PoP) in London Docklands

Gibtelecom was awarded the prestigious ‘Recognised for Excellence’ award by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), becoming the first company in Gibraltar to receive this award.

May 2010 saw the landing of the first commercial submarine cable in Gibraltar for nearly one hundred years as works began for the Europe India Gateway System.

The old 195 and 196 directory enquiry numbers replaced by the new regulatory-imposed 11811 (local) and 11888 (international) enquiries numbers.


Roaming billshock solutions were implemented, helping customers keep in control of their data roaming spend.


Gibtelecom's purpose built premises at John Mackintosh Square, inaugurated as the Company's new headquarters. 

BlackBerry services introduced in Gibraltar. 


2008 saw the final stage of the implementation of the new Gibraltar fixed line numbering plan. Gibtelecom, as required by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, extended all five digit fixed line numbers to eight digits with the addition of 200 in front of the existing numbers.

Gibtelecom Apprenticeship Scheme launched in conjunction with the Government of Gibraltar's Department of Employment and Vocational Training. This was the first time a telecommunications training scheme of this nature has been offered in Gibraltar for over a quarter of a century. The scheme ran for three consecutive years. 

3G mobile services launched, following the introduction of a 2.5G network in 2005.

Gibtelecom’s large earth station satellite dish was safely removed from the site it has occupied for over the last three decades in April 2008.


Telekom Slovenije take over Verizon’s shareholding in Gibtelecom.

Introduction of a new IP Next Generation Network core capable of handling multiple and converged services

Enhanced local monitoring systems were developed and introduced at the NOC

Gibtelecom commissioned the first state-of-the-art data and server hosting centre at its Mount Pleasant premises


Completion of a fully operational Network Operations Centre (NOC), offering extensive 24/7 support to Gibtelecom’s customers, especially the e-commerce business sector.

Gibconnect (the Internet Service Provider business) ceased trading as a separate entity and was reintegrated into the parent company with effect from 1 January 2006. As a result of this, Gibtelecom completed the integration of the three previous businesses within the Group into one entity, facilitating the growing convergence of services between the fixed line, internet and data line provisioning.


MMS services were launched allowing customers to send media content via mobile phone messages for the first time.

Customers were given the option of receiving their monthly bill via email. 



GPRS services launched - bringing mobile internet to Gibraltar

Gibtelecom sponsored the first ever Gibraltar International Chess Festival. It was the lead commercial sponsor for the first eight years of the tournament, and then continuing as technology partner of the festival to date. The tournament has been named 'Best Open Chess Tournament in the world' on multiple years. 

Gibtelecom introduces broadband internet services through its subsidiary Gibconnect. Unified billing is introduced making Gibtelecom a true one stop shop for fixed, mobile and internet services.

GNC announces expanding the joint venture with Verizon Communications, the successor to Bell Atlantic and before that Nynex. GNC buys Gibtel and the merger of the two Gibraltar operators gets underway to form Gibtelecom.

In October 2000, the Gibraltar House of Assembly passed the Telecommunications Ordinance 2000, which transposed into Gibraltar law (when read with the corresponding regulations) the relevant telecommunications-related EU directives. In 2001 the House finalised another Ordinance which established the Gibraltar Telecommunications Regulatory Authority; this Authority, together with the relevant minister, has a statutory duty to ensure "fair and effective competition" in the commercial operation of telecommunications networks and the provision of telecom services in, from or through Gibraltar.

Internet services arrive in Gibraltar launched by GNC Networks, a new wholly owned subsidiary of GNC.

Gibtel launches the Rock’s first GSM mobile service.

Gibraltar Nynex Communications (GNC) was formed when Nynex Communications of the United States of America formed a partnership with the Government of Gibraltar to run telephone services in Gibraltar and to Spain. This is Nynex’s first venture in the international market outside the USA.

The license for the international carrier award to British Telecom (BT) who formed Gibtel, a joint venture company with the Government of Gibraltar.

International Direct Dialling is introduced and a new exchange is installed. Local calls are charged for the first time and telephone bills were computerised.

The City Council install an automatic exchange with capacity for 600 lines and paid services commenced.

The Company’s history traces as far back as the nineteenth century. The Falmouth, Gibraltar & Malta Telegraph Company was established in Gibraltar in 1869 and was replaced by the Eastern Telegraph Company shortly thereafter. On the fixed line side, a concession to run a telephone company in Gibraltar was granted to Messrs Spagnoletti & Crookes and the first telephone exchange at City Mill lane was established in 1890 with a capacity for 300 lines.