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Cloud Backup

Fully managed, scalable backup and archive service using robust and proven technology components hosted in jurisdiction. Your data is captured across the internet or using private links and the complete backup process is managed end-to-end by us.

Our cloud backup product operates on a simple pay-as-you-use operational expense model meaning you only pay for what you use when you use it. All data is stored securely and held in territory ensuring continued compliance and risk mitigation.

Cloud Backup

Benefits of Gibtelecom’s Cloud Backup:

  • Connect directly to the major global hyper-scale cloud platforms
  • Global reach
  • Agility and speed to market
  • Optimised costs

Ideal choice for:

  • Global Enterprises with multiple geographic cloud deployments
  • Those who need secure off-net connections
  • Short term or temporary needs as well as longer-term contracts
Ideal Choice