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Up to 50Mbps

Upload 15Mbps


per month

Up to 100Mbps

Upload 30Mbps


per month

For Residential and small business offerings

If your business does not require the strict SLA’s and enterprise grade setup offered by our premium business broadband then Gibtelecom offers a range of domestic and small business offerings.

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* Fixed line is required. Maximum speed is dependent on location and distance from core equipment. Connection fee applies.



Gibtelecom’s Premium Fibre Broadband product is designed with businesses in mind, giving distinct commercial advantage over a standard domestic broadband product.

This premium product is supported by an effective SLA, offering enhanced support, and is proactively monitored and maintained round the clock directly from our Technical Assistance Centre to assure the highest quality of service.

Your company will get lightning quick speeds, with higher upload speeds, smart diagnostics and bandwidth monitoring tools on a reliable and robust network.




Two tiers available offering fast, robust and reliable internet connectivity

Business grade Cisco CPE 887VA equipment

12 x 6 on-site support, available from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday, with a maximum 4 hour response time

Up to 8 single fixed or multiple dynamic IP addresses

No usage limits or speed restrictions

Supported by a technical assistance centre 24/7, 365 days a year

Access to an online customer portal, providing usage monitoring and graphical analysis

Professional services are also available including an ad hoc technical consultancy

Looking for premium quality and high speed in a dedicated digital connection shared with no one else?

Gibtelecom offers a comprehensive range of point-to-point and premium data circuits.

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