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Premium circuits

In order to meet the needs of today’s digital economy, we offer reliable high quality connectivity solutions and dedicated global connections. Our growing portfolio allows us to offer industry specific solutions you can rely on to grow your business online.

Connectivity without borders

With an international network that spans the globe we can offer point-to-point connectivity to help your organisation connect easily and securely to essential data, applications and operations around the globe.

Dedicated connections

Gibtelecom's national and international private leased circuits provide guaranteed speed, reliability and resilience, offering diverse routing using links with major international carriers and availability targets backed by SLA's. Our scalable circuits are available from 64kbps to high speed STM-1 connections.

Ethernet solutions

Ethernet is the most widely used LAN technology providing high performance secure data links between two or more sites. Gibtelecom provide a wide range of Ethernet solutions ranging from a 10Mbps connection to a dual 1 Gbps connection, including Ethernet over MPLS solutions.


Flexiband is Gibtelecom's premium IP bandwidth offering, designed with e-businesses in mind. Circuits are available from 2Mbps, offering high resilience with duplication of the connection via two diverse routes to two separate nodes in Gibraltar connecting you to Gibtelecom's internet backbone and beyond. All connections are provided via independently protected routes offering DDoS protection as standard and we allow you to burst over contracted bandwidth for short periods of time when your business needs it most. Services are monitored by engineers around the clock, with a dedicated helpdesk and access to online bandwidth monitoring tools.

Internet corporate links

An Internet corporate link provides a permanent and exclusive high bandwidth connection with a full range of bandwidth options enabling you to select the exact capacity of connection to match your business needs. The service includes 24X7 engineer support and full routing and provisioning of IP addresses and circuits range from 64kps to 2Mbps.