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Avaya offers choices for small and medium sized business, with different phone models available for executives/managers, every day users, administrative assistants and receptionists. There are desktop and wireless models and digital and IP phones, as well as fully-featured conference phones.

Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone— using wired, wireless or broadband connections. IP Office has the ability to work with IP, digital, analogue, SIP or wireless technologies allowing you to use the devices you want, wherever you need them. Above all it is easy to use and manage.

Because there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to telephones, Avaya has designed a range of different models with different features according to needs. Matching the right phone to the needs of your employees and your organisation as a whole helps to ensure that you will get the most of your Avaya IP Office communications system. Gibtelecom is a certified Avaya Partner, with skilled sales and technical staff to make sure you get an office phone setup that works for you. Contact our sales team to arrange a consultation.


Available Avaya Products

Avaya 1603SW-I IP Telephone


  • 2 x 16 Character Backlit Display
  • 3 administrable feature keys
  • 10 hard function keys
  • 2-way speaker with Omni directional microphone
  • Single Ethernet (10/100) line interface
  • Avaya menu button for options and settings access

Avaya 1608SW-I IP Telephone


  • Supports 8 administrable feature buttons.
  • Each button includes dual LED’s (red, green) providing explicit status for the user.
  • Includes several fixed feature keys for common telephone tasks including conference, transfer, drop, hold, mute.
  • Includes high quality, 2-way speakerphone.
  • Supports a broad portfolio of Avaya wired and wireless headsets through its integrated headset jack.
  • 100 number capacity contacts and call log applications that can enhance productivity and personalization.
  • Context sensitive user interface along with 3 softkeys and a 4-way navigation cluster – ideal for scrolling through the local contacts list or call logs.
  • The 3 line by 24 character display is backlit for easier view

Avaya 1616-I IP Telephone


  • 4 x 24 Character Backlit Display
  • 16 administrable feature keys
  • 15 hard function keys
  • Contacts application with up to 100 entries
  • Call log application with up to 100 entries
  • 2-way speaker with Omni directional microphone
  • Integrated Ethernet Switch
  • Navigation cluster
  • Message waiting indicator

Avaya 1403 Digital desk phone

Designed for walk up and everyday users it is ideal for locations such as common areas, lobbies, store rooms or drop-in desks


  • 2 x 16 Character Backlit Display
  • 3 administrable feature keys
  • 10 hard function keys
  • 2-way speaker with Omni directional microphone
  • Single Ethernet (10/100) line interface
  • Avaya menu button for options and settings access

Avaya 1416 Digital desk phone

Designed for executives, managers, administrative assistants and receptions – people who answer incoming calls, transfer calls and monitor several lines a day.


  • 4 row x 24 character adjustable white backlit display
  • Supports 16 administrable feature buttons with expansion module available for a further 32 keys
  • Each of the buttons features a dual LED providing explicit status for the user
  • Several fixed feature keys
  • Four way navigation cluster
  • Headset jack and two way speakerphone

Other models available on request. Please contact a Sales Team for a personalised consultation and quote.

Alternatively Gibtelecom also offers Centrex solutions and Panasonic PBXs

The Panasonic KX-TEA 308 Hybrid Telephone System was designed specifically for small to medium businesses and has a wealth of vital features catering for up to three lines and eight extensions.

The system will accommodate single line devices such as standard analogue phones, cordless phones etc, as well as proprietary key telephones such as the KX-T7730E which utilise system features to a maximum.

 Centrex provides businesses with PBX features and applications without the need for on-site equipment as it is based and maintained from Gibtelecom's Exchange. This system is scalable and provides voice communication solutions to all types of businesses, from the small retailer to the largest financial institution. Contact our Sales Team for more information.

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