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How do I change the NAT type on my Gateway for better online gaming?

Eliminating NAT on your Gateway will also provide much better connections to the PlayStation and Xbox Live networks.

The following steps will allow your game console to achieve NAT type 1:

  1. Connect the games console to the Broadband Gateway via the WAN port or Ethernet port 1 or 2. A Wi-Fi connection can also be used in this scenario but we recommend a physical connection.

  2. Configure the game consoles network interface to connect to the network via a PPPoE connection.

  3. Use your broadband account username (i.e. and password (i.e. password) to connect. If you do not know this call Freephone 192 and have your Gibtelecom account details to hand. Your game console will now obtain a 2nd public IP address; allowing for a better connection to the game servers and clients.

Setting up your Gateway in this manner will provide you with a better overall gaming experience, but in essence it places the games console on the public network, removing it from your internal LAN.

This setup can be repeated 3 times within your network, 1 on your Gateway and 2 more for your game console(s) or computer(s).