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What is port forwarding and how do I set it up on my Gibtelecom Gateway?

Port forwarding is used for mapping the Broadband Gateways outside ports to internal hosts; for example mapping port 80 (http traffic) to an internal web server. This would mean the Broadband Gateway would see the incoming request on port 80 and forward this traffic to the internal server. Selecting the Port Forwarding tab in the Services section will first of all show the Gibtelecom agent all the “port forwards” currently deployed on the Broadband Gateway.

To set this up access the Broadband Gateway by opening your web browser and entering the URL into the address bar. Gibtelecom Broadband Gateways are set up with default username ‘user’ and a default password of ‘user’. We encourage customers to change this password in order to increase the Broadband Gateway’s security.

Then click ‘Create a new game or application’

Enter the name for the game or application and click next.

Enter port to be forwarded and protocol (TCP/UDP or both) then click “Add”. The “translate to” port should be the same as the incoming port range unless you want the router to perform port translation. When screen refreshes the port map should be displayed. If “Any” was selected as the protocol, separate port map table entries will exist for UDP and TCP.

Click on “assign a game or application to a local network device” at the bottom under “Pick a task...”

Select the game / application that was just created (if not already displayed) and select the local LAN device to map the ports to.

The chosen application, local device and mapped ports are displayed in the table. However when testing the external IP address and port number using Telnet the port is not open.

For further support call Freephone 192.