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I am thinking of relocating my business to Gibraltar. What should I know?

Telecommunications is a critical part of business decisions to locate in Gibraltar. Gibtelecom provides a resilient network with no single point of failure, which extends around the entire Rock. We are also continuously improving our international links with different carriers to provide further resilience and diversity.

The company's investment in our network and infrastructure is ongoing, with a growing number of international partners and expanding global footprint.

We are always looking for new business opportunities and ways in which we can service the ever-increasing needs of our thriving business community. We work together with local industries to ensure our products meet their needs. An example of this has been the substantial investment in purpose-built, state-of-the-art data centre facilities, which we are continually expanding.

If you’re thinking of moving to Gibraltar, contact our Sales Team and they will be happy to discuss how best to meet your telecommunications needs.