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How can I top up my phone?

There are multiple ways to replenish your Pay As You Go account balance:

Purchasing a Top-up scratchcard

£10 and £25 scratchcards are available at Gibtelecom’s Customer Service Centre and from various retail outlets throughout Gibraltar.

You can then top up your account dial the shortcode *101* Top up scratchcard number# and press send. Your new balance and expiry date will appear on your screen. This facility allows you to check the 14 digit number before sending. Alternatively you can dial Freephone 888 from your Pay As You Go number and follow the voice prompts.


Pay As You Go customers can replenish their account balance online by clicking the Pay As You Go link at the top of this page, entering the mobile number you wish to replenish and selecting the amount you wish to recharge. You will be immediately linked to a secure WorldPay site where you can pay using a credit or debit card or PayPal. There is no additional charge for using this service. Customers can recharge their accounts from £5 to £25 (in multiples of £5) allowing greater flexibility when topping up. Note that when paying by bank card only cards registered to local addresses are accepted.

In person

By calling in at our Customer Services Centre located in John Mackintosh Square