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What if I go over my plan allowances?

When you get close to your data allowance we will let you know by sending you a text. If you do go over any of your allowances our standard out of bundle voice, data and SMS rates apply – see the Terms and Conditions for your plan for detailed rates. If you regularly exceed your limits you can request to move to another tariff at any time. You can also move back down again if your needs change.

When your bundle expires your data will be temporarily blocked. However this is reactivated whenever you log on and off the Gibtel network e.g. by:

- Restarting your device

- Turning flight mode on and off

- Roaming on a foreign operators network and then returning to the Gibtel network

- Losing network coverage (e.g. because you enter a lift or area where there is poor coverage) and then logging on to the network again


If you are a contract plan customer and run out of data we recommend you purchase a one-off bolt-on for that month to avoid out of bundle charges. Visit our mobile plans page for further information.