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What is accidental roaming and how can I prevent it?

Accidental roaming happens because your mobile phone may automatically log onto a Spanish or Moroccan operator’s network even when you are in Gibtelecom’s mobile coverage area. Mobile signals from neighbouring countries are strong and this can sometimes happen. Whilst you are logged on to the other operator's network any usage is charged as roaming usage. If logged onto a Spanish network Roam Like at Home will apply, however if logged onto a Moroccan network charges may be high.

In order to avoid this you should regularly check the network selected on your mobile phone to avoid accidental roaming which would result in higher call charges for both outgoing and incoming calls. We recommend that you manually select the “GIBTEL” network on your mobile phone’s menu (as opposed to setting network selection to automatic) as an extra precaution.

NB. Please note that refund claims for accidental roaming will not be entertained by Gibtelecom.