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Will Gibtelecom notify me of data charges whilst roaming?

Gibtelecom will notify customers reaching certain data thresholds when roaming and temporarily suspend data roaming services after reaching a default limit of £42 (the sterling equivalent of €50 of data usage) per month. You can also request to change the default limit to a value of your choice if you would prefer to spend more or less. This data suspension and notifications will not occur if customers have requested to be whitelisted meaning that usage is uncapped. We do not recommend whitelisting as roaming charges with some operators may be high, especially for data usage. In order to avoid high data roaming charges try and limit internet use to when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network as much as possible – you can do this by turning data roaming off on your mobile device.

When arriving at a destination abroad you will receive a welcome message with full details of roaming charges for that operator, unless you have chosen to opt out to receiving these messages. Please note that different operators in the same country may have different charges. To check the latest roaming rates before you travel click here.

To check how much chargeable data you are using whilst roaming text ROAMINGDATACHECK to 8100.

Note that since the introduction of Roam Like at Home data usage generated whilst roaming in the EEA is included as part of your data bundles and allowances and will not count towards the 'data limit' mentioned above. If you do not have a data bundle or plan, or have exhausted your data allowance, then standard out of bundle data charges of 17p per MB will apply and these will form part of 'data limit' threshold calculations.