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Does it work with Wi-Fi or do I need a wired connection?

The Sofi service can easily be set up on a wireless connection, however Gibtelecom recommends that you connect using a wired connection in order to guarantee service quality. Connecting via Wi-Fi may mean that your TV signal is subject to interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi signals, or even home domestic appliances such as your microwave.


If you do wish to connect via Wi-Fi you can do so via WPS or by selecting your network.


1. Via WPS. To use WPS to connect to your WiFi network make sure that your router is connected. Press the WPS button on your router (located on the side of your Technicolor Gateway). Within two minutes select the WPS option on the Sofi welcome screen. Your set top box should connect to the WiFi network.

2. Select your network and enter password manually. After selecting ‘Wi-Fi’ select your home network from the list of visible SSIDs (network names). Once you have selected your network you will need to enter your password using the Sofi remote. Press the number relating to that letter on the keypad multiple times to select your letter e.g. to get an uppercase A you would keep pressing 2 until the ‘A’ is selected. Pausing will select that character and you can then enter the next one. There is a show password option to view your entry before submitting to ensure it is entered correctly. Select ‘Join’ to connect to the network.