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How do I get the Sofi mobile app and how does it work?

The Sofi mobile app will be available in the Gibtelecom store on the Play store for Android and App Store for iOS before the end of June. It can be downloaded free of charge.


You can link your Sofi service to one mobile device by default, and add additional devices by paying the additional charge of £5 per month.


The app will give you access to some of the live TV channels on the app (not all channel are available as this is dependent on licensing restrictions). Where catch-up and time shift services are available for the channel these will also be available on the app. You can also ‘Connect to box’ and use your mobile app as a virtual remote for your TV service and flick (send) or fetch (retrieve) channels from your mobile device to your TV screen.


The mobile app will only work on your home Wi-Fi network, Gibtelecom public Wi-Fi networks and the Gibtel 3G/4G Network.


The applications hub which is accessible on the TV service is not available via the Sofi app however you can download the apps directly from the relevant app store for most of these e.g. Hopster, Deezer, Rakuten and PrimeVideo and use the same logins you use on your set top box to access the content on your phone.


Click on the relevant Store image below to download


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