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How do I set-up my Set Top Box?

1. Connect your box


Connect your Set Top Box as per the instructions on the Quick Start guide included in your box.


You will need to connect the power supply and HDMI cable for the box to work, and can also connect a TDT antenna to get additional terrestrial channels.


2. Connect to the internet

Once the set top box is wired up and you turn it on (remembering to select the correct HDMI port from the ‘Source’ menu on your television) you will arrive at a Welcome Screen.

Select the language for the setup and click OK.

It will then prompt you to select the internet connection mode.

We recommend that you use a wired Ethernet connection. If the Ethernet cable is connected, when you select ‘Ethernet’ the connection should be detected automatically. If your router is not close enough to your TV to connect via Ethernet, Gibtelecom’s installation includes internal wiring to connect the router to your TV. This is free for customers subscribing before 1st July and £50 thereafter. You can also use a Powerline adapter to extend your home network using an electrical socket. Gibtelecom has Devolo Powerline adapters available for sale or rental.

If you do not have access to a wired connection and would prefer to connect on Wi-Fi then select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option.


There are two ways to connect:

1. Via WPS. To use WPS to connect to your WiFi network make sure that your router is connected. Press the WPS button on your router (located on the side of your Technicolor Gateway). Within two minutes select the WPS option on the Sofi welcome screen. Your set top box should connect to the WiFi network.

2. Select your network and enter password manually. After selecting ‘Wi-Fi’ select your home network from the list of visible SSIDs (network names). Once you have selected your network you will need to enter your password using the Sofi remote. Press the number relating to that letter on the keypad multiple times to select your letter e.g. to get an uppercase A you would keep pressing 2 until the ‘A’ is selected. Pausing will select that character and you can then enter the next one. There is a show password option to view your entry before submitting to ensure it is entered correctly. Select ‘Join’ to connect to the network.

3. Update your software

The first time you connect you will get a message saying ‘A new version of the Netbox software is available. Your Netbox will update and then restart.’ Click ‘Update’ to get the latest software.

Note that the screen may go black for a while whilst the box re-boots and you will then get a ‘service update’ screen.

4. Complete set-up

Once the upgrade is complete you will arrive back at the welcome screen. You will need to select the language and internet connection again (although it should have remembered your settings).

You are then asked to enter a ‘Parental Control’ PIN. Selecting 16 for example means that all linear TV content with certificates saying ‘Suitable for viewers aged 16 and over’ will be blocked out until then PIN is entered.