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How do I use the catch up service?

You can watch programmes broadcast during the last seven days on selected channels. To view a programme that has already aired you can either:

- Press Guide to access the TV guide. You can move between days by using the << or >> buttons. If a programme is available for catch up you will see a play/pause icon next to it on the TV guide. Press OK to play the programme. The replay will normally start a couple of minutes before the programme is due to start to make sure you catch the start. You can also pause, fast forward and rewind when you are viewing the programme. 

- Press up, down, left or right when watching live TV to access your channel bar. If you see a play/pause button on any of the titles you can press OK to replay or restart that programme.


Channels which have catch-up available also allow you to pause live TV using the play/pause button on your remote.