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How do I use the Sofi hub?

It’s easy to find your way around your Sofi service. 


If you want to know what’s on now or later just press GUIDE on your Gibtelecom remote to access your interactive TV guide.


Top navigation bar


The Sofi Apps hub gives you access to ten apps featuring on demand movies and TV shows, music, kids entertainment and more with apps such as Rakuten, Hopster, Prime video and Deezer.



Your snapshot of the latest and greatest free and pay TV content available right now on Rakuten, updated every month.




Your home page for the Sofi service. The middle tile will show the last live channel you watched. Press OK to go straight to any of the featured channels or press OK on Live Channels to see all the programmes showing now.



Your snapshot of the latest and greatest free and pay TV content available right now on Prime Video, updated every month.



Select your favourite channels to see a personalised TV guide featuring the channels you watch the most



Check the status of your Sofi TV, make changes in Settings or change your preferences.


Other features

Channel bar

Open your channel wall by pressing the up or down arrow on your remote. To select a channel, press OK. Press the up, down, right or left arrows on your remote to see what's on other channels. Press OK to watch the programme.


Options menu 


Press OK on your remote and use the right arrow to choose Restart (if available),programme information or accessibility options.


Restart and replay


You can choose to restart live programmes or replay programmes that have already aired on some channels. Simply watch out for the ‘play’ button next to the title on the TV guide and press OK on the programme to watch it. 


Parental controls


When you first set up Sofi TV, you can choose to have parental controls on or off and set the desired level. You can change this at any time in your preferences by entering your PIN. 

If parental controls are active you'll be prompted for your PIN if the broadcaster suggests the programme requires parental guidance. You can also lock specific apps and channels in the security settings section on the Preferences tab.