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What do the lights on my Sofi box mean?

Green light

Active. This means your Sofi box is on. 

Red light

Standby. Press the standby button on your remote to wake it up. If the red light remains try pointing your remote directly at your Sofi TV box or move a bit closer, checking there’s nothing in between your remote and TV box.  If it doesn’t turn on try turning the TV Box off at the mains, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on and try using the remote again. If it still doesn’t turn on check your batteries haven’t gone flat in the remote. 

Flashing green light

This shows your Sofi box is starting up. It will turn a solid green after 30 seconds. If it continues to flash, your set top box may be trying to update firmware. Leave it for 30 minutes and if it flashes for more than 30 minutes reboot your box. Still not starting? Contact 195.

No light

Deep sleep or switched off. If you have not used Sofi for a while the box may be in deep sleep mode. Alternatively it may not be plugged in. Check it is plugged in and press the power button on your remote control. After a minute or so your Sofi box will come back to life.