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SuperSwift fibre broadband.
Let's fly.

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Internet at the speed of light
with Gibtelecom’s SuperSwift fibre broadband
giving you speeds up to 100Mbps*!

* Customers subscribing to alternate service providers need to contact them directly

Select the perfect package for you...

  • up to 16Mbps

    Upload 1.6Mbps

    Good for online TV streaming and gaming

    • 34 Mins

      To download a 4GB HD movie

    • 2.5 Secs

      To download a 5MB audio track

    • 9 mins

      To download a 1GB TV Episode

    • Good for online TV streaming & gaming

    £24a month

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  • up to 25Mbps

    Upload 2.5Mbps

    Great for small households wanting to browse & download

    • 22 Mins

      To download a 4GB HD movie

    • 1.7 Secs

      To download a 5MB audio track

    • 6 mins

      To download a 1GB TV Episode

    • Good for online TV streaming & gaming

    £28a month

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  • up to 50Mbps

    Upload 5Mbps

    Great for larger households wanting multi-user downloading & streaming & for small businesses

    • 11 Mins

      To download a 4GB HD movie

    • 0.8 Secs

      To download a 5MB audio track

    • 3 Mins

      To download a 1GB TV Episode

    • Better for online TV streaming & gaming

    £40a month

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  • up to 100Mbps

    Upload 10Mbps

    Great for multi-user streaming, gaming, downloading & multimedia activity & digital enterprises

    • 6 Mins

      To download a 4GB HD movie

    • 0.4 Secs

      To download a 5MB audio track

    • 90 Secs

      To download a 1GB TV Episode

    • The best for online TV streaming & gaming

    £54a month

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A £40 connection fee applies when upgrading to any SuperSwift fibre broadband product.
A standard connection fee of £50 applies for all new Internet connections.

Celebrate 25 years with us

Save up to 31% with our anniversary promotions. We’ve either lowered our prices or increased our speeds across all the SuperSwift packages as from 1 August 2015. Want to fly even faster? In addition, you can upgrade to Superswift or move to a higher package and not pay anything extra until April 2016.

Gibtelecom is giving all existing broadband customers the opportunity to apply for an upgrade and experience higher broadband speeds as from 1 August 2015 at no additional cost during a no-obligation trial period ending on 31 March 2016. Customers who are not currently SuperSwift customers can apply for Superswift and will not need to pay the £40 setup fee. In the unlikely event that SuperSwift is not yet available in your area you can still apply and the free trial period (calculated as the difference between the date of application and 1 April 2016) will be applied once fibre broadband becomes available.

To apply complete the online order form, email or visit our shop at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square. Click here for terms & conditions.

What is fibre broadband?

Optical fibres are cables made of very thin glass that can carry large amounts of data quickly and over long distances. It is widely recognised as the superior delivery for communications networks due to its flexibility and reliability.

Fibre delivery opens up a whole new world of online possibilities, allowing for very fast streaming, downloading and multimedia access from multiple devices.

Gibtelecom has installed Fibre-To-The-Node (FTTN) technology in over fifty sites throughout Gibraltar. These distribution nodes are interconnected by a robust fibre optic network and located as close as possible to the customers. Most local addresses are no more than 400-500m away from these sites, ensuring that SuperSwift fibre broadband speeds are available throughout. The final leg uses the reengineered copper network resulting in minimal disruption to the customer

Why do I need fibre broadband?

The simple answer is that you can do more, faster. With SuperSwift we can deliver the capacity and increased bandwidth demanded by home and business users in Gibraltar. You can download a song in a few seconds and seamlessly stream live TV in high definition. Keeping in touch with your loved ones gets easier too, as you can have multiple devices connected to social networking platforms or making video calls.

Additionally, the internet is no longer just for computers ... everything from your TV to your mobile and even appliances can be connected. Fibre broadband will deliver your internet needs faster and better than ever before.

When can I get fibre broadband?

SuperSwift fibre broadband availability at your home or office is dependent on the installation of necessary technical equipment, which is being implemented throughout Gibraltar in a phased approach.

By the end of 2014 75% of local addresses will be able to benefit from fibre broadband with the remainder coming on stream in 2015.

You can check service availability by entering your landline telephone number in the box above. If SuperSwift fibre broadband is not currently available at your premises you can register your interest on this website and we will contact you as soon as it becomes available.

*Fibre broadband packages range between £28 and £54 per month. Telephone line required. Nominal speeds are dependent on network conditions, in-building wiring and distance from Gibtelecom fibre distribution nodes. Simultaneous use of multiple devices and external factors, such as internet congestion beyond Gibtelecom’s network, can also affect performance. Service delivery is subject to fibre broadband availability in your area. A connection fee applies when signing up for any SuperSwift fibre broadband product.