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What is HD voice?

High Definition (HD) Mobile Voice uses VoLTE technology or Voice over Long Term Evolution (LTE). It allows users to make enhanced HD voice calls over Gibtelecom’s 4G data network, instead of the 2G or 3G networks typically used for voice calls. 4G is not only great for streaming, web browsing, and downloading, but it can now also be used for enhanced calls, with several noticeable benefits:

•    Superior call quality

•    Improved coverage and connectivity

•    Super-fast call connection

•    Simultaneous data and voice connections

•    Longer battery life

•    No extra charges

At the moment we've launched this for a select group of customers. We’re very pleased to have you on board and hope you will enjoy a great experience as an early user of this latest technology. Your help and feedback during this initial launch phase will provide great insights and will also allow us to fine-tune the service before a full launch across Gibraltar later this year.

Our only request is that you enable the VoLTE feature on your handset, use your mobile and call as you would normally do, and please provide us with honest feedback on your experience. 

The service has been under rigorous testing already and we do not expect any issues, but should you experience anything strange during a call, please contact our support team providing as much detail on the call as possible.

We hope that you enjoy the experience. 

How to enable VoLTE on your device


Step 1

To turn VoLTE on, go to Settings then Mobile Data and Select Mobile data options






Step 2


Then select Voice and Data





Step 3


From the list select LTE ,VoLTE On (or 4G, VoLTE On): 


You can turn this off at any time if you are not happy with the experience