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Gibtelecom to launch fully licensed TV service

18 Dec 17

Gibtelecom announced today that it will be launching a fully licensed IPTV service in the new year, offering attractive triple play and quad play offers for its broadband customers. Gibtelecom’s Chief Operations Officer, Adrian Moreno, explained how “the Company has been on this journey for some time, and for us it was important to build relationships with the content providers and ensure that all channels and programmes on a Gibtelecom platform were fully licensed to distribute in Gibraltar. Further announcements will be made in the new year as to pricing, bundles and content offerings but we are excited about launching a TV service with some new features.”


Additionally Gibtelecom understands some of its customers may have been getting notices or receiving advice from alternative service providers that it is necessary for Gibtelecom’s telephone and broadband service to be disconnected if they are to continue to receive their current providers’ television services.  “This is not the case,” said Tim Bristow and in reassuring customers added that “no cables belonging to Gibtelecom’s fixed line network need be removed or the service disconnected.  Indeed Gibtelecom’s customers would, with the Company’s new IPTV service, be able to derive comfort that they are accessing fully licensed television content.”


“Gibtelecom has a statutory universal service obligation to provide certain fixed line services throughout Gibraltar” explained Mr Bristow.” Customers can therefore remain confident that they can always continue to receive and use their Gibtelecom fixed voice and broadband lines.  Gibtelecom’s fixed line voice service provides the best and most robust local and international connectivity, and recent investment will see even superior voice services soon coming on board.  Gibtelecom’s broadband lines offer an ‘uncontended service’, meaning that the connection is completely dedicated to the customer and the members of their household so speeds are not slowed down by sharing with anyone else.”


Adrian Moreno, Gibtelecom’s Chief Operations Officer, said how “Gibtelecom has received calls from concerned customers in some residential estates who, after receiving correspondence from other service providers, are worried that their services are going to be cut off. What Gibtelecom is doing in these estates, as part of Government rental housing refurbishment works, is laying down new ‘hybrid’ cabling providing both copper and fibre wiring for future development. These works are ongoing and will not affect the service we provide to our customers.”


Customers wanting further information on Gibtelecom’s services should visit the Gibtelecom website on, call our 24/7 customer service line on 20052200 or call in at our shop at 15/21 John Mackintosh Square which is open six days a week. 


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