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Over £8000 raised by employees of Gibtelecom in support of local and international charities

19 May 22


Over £8000 raised by employees of Gibtelecom in support of local and international charities. 

A donation scheme was set up by employees at Gibtelecom to do their bit in showing support and appreciation for charities based both in Gibraltar and internationally. 

Each month, employees independently donate £5 which is then collected and donated to a different selected charity each month.  

At the beginning of each calendar year, members of the donation group are invited to volunteer which charities they would like included in the monthly donation. Everyone’s opinion and choice are welcomed. 

The group then assign each selected charity their own designated month, allowing each charity a fair chance to have their turn in receiving a donation for their worthy cause.

As some charities already have their own awareness days, weeks, or months they are often selected to coincide with their ongoing awareness and fundraising efforts.  

Since the start of the scheme in February 2020, there has been over £8000 raised for a large number of charities primarily based in Gibraltar, for the Gibraltarian people. 

Each year, more and more employees join the fold with the list now totalling 65 employees choosing out of their own will to donate £5 each month. 

Some of the notable charities that have already benefited from the scheme include St Martins School, Little Smiles Charity, The EV Foundation, Breast Cancer, Families in Need - School Uniforms, Great Ormond Street, Cardiac Association, Diabetes Awareness, Nautilus project, GBC Open Day, Nicole Jones, Families in Need and SOS PP Los Barrios - Animal Shelter. 

Supporting local charities is a big part of Gibtelecom culture, contributing heavily towards Corporate Responsibility. It is great to see so many Gibtelecom employees involved in this scheme as well as continuing to support the company’s efforts with annual awareness days. 


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