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Superfast roaming with 4G+

12 Dec 17

Gibtel mobile customers can now achieve speeds of up to thirty times faster on their mobile devices when roaming in an increasing number of destinations including the UK, Spain and the USA, depending on your mobile device and network accessed. “This has been made possible due to extensive bilateral negotiations and technical testing with our roaming partners. At the moment we offer 4G roaming with over 30 operators but we expect this list to continue increasing in the coming months,” said Gibtelecom’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, Adrian Ochello.

“Gibtelecom launched its 4G+ services in February 2016, offering maximum speeds of 225Mbps at the time, with subsequent upgrades to over 300Mbps speeds earlier this year”, said Gibtelecom’s Technology Director, Jansen Reyes. “All of this was done at no extra cost to the customer and there has been a more than threefold increase in mobile data use since 4G was launched. People are generally becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices and having access to data on the move, and along with the introduction of ‘Roam Like at Home’ tariffs in June this year our customers’ mobile data usage whilst travelling in Europe has increased exponentially.”

Adrian Ochello added, “Roam Like at Home allows Gibtel customers to use their plans and bundle allowances anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA) at no extra cost, giving customers the confidence to roam without the fear of high charges. Gibtelecom has a substantial global roaming network reaching over 180 countries and the rollout of 4G roaming services in key destinations will further improve the roaming experience for our customers. Additional measures are also available to improve roaming experience, such as being able to set a personalised monetary limit for roaming and out of bundle data and receiving detailed pricing information by SMS on arriving to a new destination.”

If you still haven’t changed your SIM card to a 4G+ enabled SIM you can do so free of charge at Gibtelecom’s Customer Service Centre in John Mackintosh Square if you have a 4G compatible phone, or by applying online at If you are a regular user of mobile data we recommend you sign up to a mobile data plan or purchase a data bundle to get the best value.  Details of available mobile plans and a full list of roaming destinations are available on the Gibtelecom website. 


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