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Check maximum speed available on my line


Up to 75Mbps

Upload 7.5Mbps

Great for streaming, downloading large files and access from multiple devices
12 month contract


per month

Up to 100Mbps

Upload 10Mbps

High speed for seamless high-definition streaming, intensive gaming and access from multiple devices
12 month contract


per month

* Nominal speeds are dependant on network conditions, in-building wiring and distance from Gibtelecom fibre distribution nodes. Simultaneous use of mulitple devices and external factors, such as internet congestion beyond Gibtelecom's network, can also affect performance. Service delivery is subject to fibre broadband availibility in your area.
Prices include broadband only. Telephone line not required for Residential customers only.


Why do I need fibre broadband?

The simple answer is that you can do more, faster. With SuperSwift you can download a song in a few seconds and seamlessly stream live TV in high definistion. Keeping in touch with your loved ones gets easier too, as you can have mulitple devices connected to social networking platforms or making video calls.

The internet is no longer just for computers... everything from your TV to your mobile and even appliances can be connected. Fibre broadband will deliver your internet needs faster and better than ever before. 

Enjoy these great benefits with Superswift

Ultra-fast speeds 4G+

Uncontended Bandwidth

Don't share your bandwidth with anyone else

Ultra-fast speeds 4G+

No connection fees

Signing up has never been easier