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Line rental and tariffs

Included in the line rental is the access, maintenance and upkeep of the telephone line from your home to the telephone exchange (excluding equipment connected to the line). Our lines are not dependant on mains power so they will continue to work, even when the power is down.

  • Rental for residential lines is only a £8 a month.
  • A £50 deposit applies for new customers who do not sign up for payment by direct debit.

Local call rates

Local calls are billed per second based on 3 charge rates:


Mon-Fri 9AM-1PM



Mon-Fri 8AM-9AM and 1PM-6PM



Fri 6PM-Mon 8AM and weekdays 6PM-8AM and public holidays.


A 3p connection charge per call applies.

Calls to Gibtel mobiles are charged at 11p per minute in peak/standard periods and 6p per minute during cheap rate periods.


Note: certain calls are not charged. These include:

  • When the number you call is busy
  • When you get a 'number unobtainable' tone
  • Calls to emergency services
  • Calls to Gibtelecom fault reporting helpdesk (192, 193, 194)

International calls

International calls are billed per second, though charge rates are expressed in minutes. Charges are based on 2 rates:


Daytime 8AM-8PM


Evenings 8PM-8AM and weekends and public holidays

Calls are subject to a 2.5p initial connection charge (excluding EEA). Select a country and region from the drop down menus below to view the dialing codes and charge rates.

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To dial: 00 + country code + region code + destination number

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