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To get the most of your reload phone take advantage of our SMS and Data bundles and benefit from great savings. Need high-speed data? Our bundles will keep you connected at 4G+ speeds.


All bundles can be purchased online or at our shop at John Mackintosh Square. Alternatively, send an SMS to 8100 with one of the codes below. The SMS will automatically purchase a bundle and the price will be deducted from your reload credit balance.

Example: to get 1GB of data, send an SMS with DATA1GB to 8100.

Data bundles


1GB for



2GB for



4GB for



10GB for



7 days of

data for


SMS bundles


100 SMS for



200 SMS for


Bundles are activated automatically once purchased, unless you have an active bundle in which case its queued and it will be activated after the current bundle expires. Data bundles last for 30 days, except for DATA7 which provides unlimited data (subject to fair usage policies) for a 7 day period.

You can check how much of your bundle you've used and the bundle expiry date by texting DATACHECK or SMSCHECK to 8100. This will also let you know if you have any queued bundles.

Topping up your reload balance

There are several ways to top-up the credit on your reload phone

Where to reload

reload scratchcards for pay as you go mobile top ups are available from Gibtelecom's Customer Service Centre at John Mackintosh Square, as well as from the following retailers.

Additional Information

To check your credit balance dial the shortcode *100# and press send. Your credit balance will appear on your screen.

You can also dial Freephone 888 from your reload number. 

N.B. Please note that Freephone 888 is not available whilst roaming

reload customers can use their mobile abroad to receive calls and send and receive SMS messages with all operators with which Gibtelecom has a roaming agreement with, providing the account balance is sufficient. Outgoing calls can also be made with an increasing number of operators. You can check which operators this service is available with by visiting our roaming pages.

Please note that the validity period on your reload service is 270 days from the date of your last credit recharge (bundle purchases are not included), after which any outstanding credit will be lost. You then have an extra month in which you will only be able to receive calls and replenish your account. If your account is not replenished service will be lost for a further 90 days, after which your reload account will be disconnected resulting in the loss of your reload mobile number. During these 90 days service will be restricted but can be restored by replenishing your account.

Dial freephone 888 and press 3 to access customer services. Alternatively you may also dial 194 free for any mobile faults or configuration assistance.

Check the reload T&Cs for latest call rates.

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