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From Airplane Mode to Holiday Mode with Roam Like at Home

If you are roaming in the European Economic Area then you can roam with your Gibtel phone and take your local plan and rates with you.

On holiday we think you should be able to top up your tan and share on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Give those at home holiday envy and share the moments that matter, whether you're having tapas in Barcelona, taking in the sights in Paris, doing your Christmas shopping in London, tanning in the Algarve or have just docked in to Santorini on a cruise!

Keep data roaming on and use your data, and call and text back to Gibraltar, just like you do at home.


Pay Monthly Mobile Plans and Monster Bundle.

You can take your inclusive minutes, texts and data and use them anywhere in the EEA, as well as Gibraltar and usage will be deducted from your plan allowance.  Once consumed local off-net and out of bundle charges will apply.

Keep data roaming on and use your data, and call and text back to Gibraltar, just like you do at home.


Pay As You Go 

If you have a data or text bundle you can use this anywhere in the EEA as well as in Gibraltar and usage will be deducted from your bundle allowances. If you don't have a bundle, or have used it up, local off-net and out of bundle charges will apply.


Roam Like at Home applies in countries which are part of the European Economic Area (EEA).


These are:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and UK

All calls and texts to Gibraltar numbers (within your standard allowance for your plan).

All calls and texts to numbers within the EEA (within your standard allowance for your plan).

All your data usage (within your standard allowance or data bundle for your plan).

It's always free to receive calls and texts in the EEA with Roam Like home.


Don't forget that when you're calling back to Gibraltar, you'll need to add +350 before the number you are calling.


If you don't have any allowances or bundles the 'off-net' local charge will apply for voice calls, and your standard out of bundle text charges and per MB data charges will apply. These are available from the relevant mobile plan page on this website.

Data, calls or text messages once you have exceeded your plan or bundles allowances or if you don't have an inclusive plan. These are charged at local off-net out of bundle rates.  

Premium and special rate numbers.

International calls to destinations outside the EEA.

Note that Roam Like at Home is designed for Gibraltar residents who are on holiday, visiting relatives or taking business trips abroad. It is not designed for extended periods abroad or for permanent roaming.

Mobile data, at home or abroad, is not intended to be used for connection to devices such as modems, for the continuous streaming of multimedia content or for P2P or file sharing in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other Gibtel customers

Once you cross a border to a non-EEA country our standard roaming charges will apply.

Check out our handy roaming tables to get detailed roaming pricing information before you travel.

Gibtelecom will notify customers reaching certain data thresholds when roaming and temporarily suspend data roaming services after reaching a default limit of £42 (the sterling equivalent of €50 of data usage) per month. You can also request to change the default limit to a value of your choice if you would prefer to spend more or less. This data suspension and notifications will not occur if customers have requested to be whitelisted meaning that usage is uncapped. We do not recommend whitelisting as roaming charges with some operators may be high, especially for data usage.

With Roam Like at Home, EEA data usage that forms part of your bundle or plan will not be counted towards the chargeable roaming usage for the threshold and cap. Only out of bundle (chargeable) data usage will be measured. E.g. if you use 500MB of data when roaming in the EEA but that forms part of your data plan you will be able to continue using data, however if you don't have a data plan then you will get capped at approximately 250MB as per the financial limit above.

Additionally when arriving at a destination abroad you will receive a welcome message with full details of roaming charges for that operator, unless you have chosen to opt out to receiving these messages. Please note that outside the EEA different operators in the same country may have different charges.


You can check how much data you have left on your bundle or plan by texting DATACHECK to 8100. This will now include any data roaming usage within the EEA.

If you'd like to check how much chargeable data you’ve used when roaming text ROAMINGDATACHECK to 8100.