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GRA public consultations - Retail price controls

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) issued on 11 August 2008 a Public Consultation document addressing Retail Price Control - Application of rebalancing and a price cap control on Gibtelecom. The document is a continuation of the Market Analyses consultations initiated in 2007 and sought interested parties’ views on the application of certain price control mechanisms on Gibtelecom. 

Gibtelecom's submission reiterated the Company's position that it should be allowed to complete the tariff rebalancing exercise started over seven years ago prior to any price cap or other form of price regulation. This view is supported by EU telecommunications law as rebalancing is a requirement and prerequisite to full liberalisation in a telecommunications market. 

Gibtelecom also question some GRA proposals for fixed broadband access and services. Gibtelecom states that this market has not been defined by the GRA as part of the Market Analyses process and should therefore not be subject to retail fixed price controls. 

On 26 April 2010 the GRA issued a follow-up consultation addressing and clarifying the compliance requirements of the retail price controls. 



Response to public consultation on retail price controls

Response to follow-up public consultation on retail price controls