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Cloud Connect

As business-critical applications and content increasingly move into the cloud, today’s globally distributed enterprises need increased performance, flexibility, predictability and security.

Gibtelecom’s state of the art, software-defined Cloud Connect service connects our customers infrastructure with global hyper-scale providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud amongst others, together with enterprise customers. By connecting via our Private Global Network, you avoid many of the security risks associated with internet connections while creating globally distributed hybrid solutions.

Cloud Connect

Benefits of Gibtelecom’s Cloud Connect:

  • Connect directly to the major global hyper-scale cloud platforms
  • Global reach
  • Agility and speed to market
  • Optimised costs

Ideal choice for:

  • Global Enterprises with multiple geographically dispersed IT deployments
  • Those who need secure connections that bypass the public internet
  • Enterprises that need in jurisdiction IT infrastructure to meet compliance requirements
Ideal Choice