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  • Gibtelecom announces 4G services

    24 Feb 15

    Gibtelecom announced today the Company’s capital investment of over €5million in an upgrade of its Ericsson mobile equipment and network. Combined with the development of a new technology centre at Gibtelecom’s Mount Pleasant premises and …
  • Gibtelecom at the Information Age Exhibition in London

    20 Jan 15

    telecom hosted a reception at the Information Age Exhibition in the Science Museum in London on Thursday 8 January 2015.    Following the Company’s investment in the Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine cable project and the …
  • Gibtelecom buy-back completed

    12 Dec 14

    The Gibtelecom Board met yesterday to successfully complete the buy-back by HM Government of Gibraltar of Telekom Slovenije’s 50 per cent shareholding in the Company.  This follows the signing of a Share Purchase Agreement between the two …
  • Gibtelecom’s develops home grown talent

    22 Sep 14

    Gibtelecom is, for the second year running, offering students the opportunity to be supported during their studies and be considered for employment with the Company on successful completion of their degree.  Known as the ‘Employer Led Degree …
  • Superswift fibre broadband arrives in Gibraltar

    01 Sep 14

    Gibtelecom today announced that it is rolling out fibre broadband throughout Gibraltar, with speeds of up to 100Mbps starting to be available later this year.Following an extensive and ongoing upgrade of its technical infrastructure, Gibtelecom will …
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