October 03, 2019


  • Triple data for customers on new "Maxi-extra" plan
  • More than double the data for customers on new "Midi-extra" plan
  • New - Calls, texts and extra data for customers on new "Mini-extra" plan
  • Increased data allowance for same price or cheaper on all new plans
  • New - 1GB of data for only £10 on Reload

Gibtelecom launched a series of new mobile offerings for contract (postpaid) and Reload (prepaid) customers. These include new monthly plans; data bundles, and data boosts.

Adrian Ochello, Head of Marketing & Business Development said "We are aware that mobile data is becoming increasingly important to our customers. From their feedback, we know that having more data allowances is top of their wish-list. This is exactly what we are now providing by introducing the new "Mini-Extra"; "Midi-Extra" and "Maxi-Extra" 12-month contract plans."

Mr Ochello continued by explaining that "All these plans have higher data allowances than before. For instance, Mini-Extra includes an allowance of 1GB (£10); Midi-Extra 5GB (£30); and Maxi-Extra 15GB (£52). We have also refreshed and streamlined our pay-monthly and Reload (prepaid) data bundles by introducing new 1GB and 4GB bundles, at £10 and £17 respectively, as well as a 10GB bundle at £29. New data boosts for pay-monthly customers have also been introduced."

More detailed information on all the new offerings can be found on the Gibtelecom website at

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