Thinking green!

May 25, 2022
Thinking green! Image

Gibtelecom have been making leaps and bounds in their efforts to enhance their eco-friendly and sustainable business efforts.

The spearhead of Gibtelecom’s campaign involved switching over a large number of customers from paper to email billing. Over 2,300 customers made the move in 2021, with even more plans set in place for 2022.

Not only saving money, time and paper customers have a much more streamlined view of their payments accessible at any time, even when on the move!

Although there is still a way to go, a range of other efforts have been made to help reduce our carbon footprint and the organisation is proud of the initiatives implemented so far.

These include:

  • The preparation of eSIMs. No plastic, no packaging, no problems!


  • Mixed recycling bins in all departments. Not only are the team ensuring paper, plastic and cardboard waste is sorted correctly – they get some steps in by crossing the office floor!


  • E-filing has been the standard practice for a while, reducing paper usage and all the big files taking up space!


  • Only reusable bags are available from the Gibtelecom shop. Customers can repurpose them for further shopping, as storage or even for compost!


  • Collaborations with local charities and initiatives has given staff lots of opportunities to do their bit for the environment such as taking part in the annual Nautilus Project Beach Clean and getting stuck in (literally!) at El Quarry.


  • There is now sensory lighting in the offices, significantly reducing  power output. 
  • An employee cap on printing is also in place so there’s even more ‘think before you print’ going on.


  • Finally, in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint at their 'points of presence', the enterprise team planted over 600 native trees in Wales with further projects across the globe.


Gibtelecom are working hard to identify the impact of their carbon footprint to ensure the measures being taken are going to propel them to becoming a more environmentally stable business. Stay tuned!

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