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Our People

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the Chief Executive Officer (also a Board Director) and Operational Directors:

  • Noel Burrows
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Adrian Moreno
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Matthieu Mamou
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jansen Reyes
    Technology Director
  • Adrian Ochello
    Director of Consumer & Marketing
  • Daniel Hook
    Director of Enterprise
  • Rab Paramothayan
    Director of International
  • Peter Borge
    Director of Legal & HR

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee are supported by various Core Functions, who report directly to Senior Management.

  • Caroline Robba
    Finance Manager
  • Dwayne Lara
    Corporate and Regulatory Manager
  • Dwayne Etherington
    Vice President of Technical Operations
  • William Jackson
    Vice President of Technical Projects

Board of Directors

Gibtelecom’s Board of Directors comprises:

  • Fabian Picardo
  • Joe Bossano
  • Albert Mena

Management Team and Functional Areas

Gibtelecom's management team covers a number of functional areas headed by their respective Managers or Principle Engineers.

Manager - Charles Davidson. Responsible for the Company's purchasing, procurement and stock management, archiving of company documents and vehicle fleet maintenance.

Led by VP Technology Projects - William Jackson. Responsible for co-ordinating and leading the Company's move into converging technologies (fixed voice, mobile and internet) and maintaining broadband services.

Manager - Dwayne Lara. Responsible, amongst other things, for corporate governance, internal and external communications, quality management, Board and Executive Committee support and secretarial and messenger services. Also responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory legislation and liaising with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), as well as management of Company contracts.

Manager - Paola Von Ihering. Provides a single point of contact for all customer requirements in the John Mackintosh Square shop. Its main objective is to respond quickly, effectively and professionally to any customer requests, with a commitment of service excellence.

Manager – Clive Lopez. The main responsibility of this department is the company's fibre and copper network infrastructure, together with installing and maintaining customers' telecommunications equipment and attending to any line or network faults.

Manager – Caroline Robba. Responsible for all receipts and payments, payroll, pensions, financial accounting, budgeting and reporting.

Manager - Mark Chichon. Assists the company in building an environment where recruitment and retention of top talent is a priority, adding value to all people related business decisions. Their main functions include recruitment, remuneration policy, training and development and health and welfare.

Manager - Alistair Gomez. Supports the Company's many automated functions, including BSS and OSS sytems and CRM and infrastructure databases.

Manager - Alex Breedon. Takes care of Gibtelecom's extensive computer equipment and systems, both at a hardware and software level as well as maintaining hosting and cloud platforms.

Director of Consumer and Marketing - Adrian Ochello. Responsible, amongst other things, for product management and branding, sales and pricing strategies, promotions, sponsorship and business development, both locally and internationally at a wholesale and carrier level.

Principal Engineer - Martin Candeas. Responsible for the 2G, 3G, 4G+, 5G, Tetra and other radio networks throughout Gibraltar.

Manager – John Pressey. Runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year, providing a customer service and technical support call centre for Gibtelecom customers, as well as technical monitoring services and engineer support across Gibtelecom's networks and services.

Manager - Stephen Perera. Responsible for planning the maintenance and expansion of the fixed line network, whether enhancing existing infrastructure or expanding it to reach new developments, as well as maintaining all technical remote offices and equipment.

Led by VP, Technology Operations - Dwayne Etherington. Responsible for the company's diverse international routes and high availability enterprise links. The enterprise networks team also delivers connectivity solutions, focusing on high availability circuits for major gaming, e-commerce and financial service companies that are based in Gibraltar.

Manager - Louis Posso. Operation and maintenance of the GSM, GPRS and 3G/4G switches and responsibility for the maintenance, development and configuration of the company's digital System X switch, serving all fixed line customers.