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Set up your TV Box by connecting the power supply and HDMI cable to your TV.

Once the set top box is wired up and you turn it on (remembering to select the correct HDMI port from the ‘Source’ menu on your television) you will arrive at a Welcome Screen.

Select the language for the setup and click OK. It will then prompt you to select the internet connection mode.

The first time you connect you will get a message saying ‘A new version of the Netbox software is available. Your Netbox will update and then restart.’ Click ‘Update’ to get the latest software. The screen may go black for a while whilst the box re-boots and you will then get a ‘service update’ screen.

Once the upgrade is complete you will arrive back at the welcome screen. You will need to select the language and internet connection again (although it should have remembered your settings).

You are then asked to enter a ‘Parental Control’ PIN. Selecting 16 for example means that all linear TV content with certificates saying ‘Suitable for viewers aged 16 and over’ will be blocked out until the PIN is entered.

Set Top Box 4K

Gibtelecom’s 4K Set Top Box has 2GB DDR4 RAM and is connected to your TV via HDMI 2.0 (UHD) with CEC and ARC. 

Power consumption: typical <10 W

The STB dimensions are 12.8 cm (L) x 12.8 cm (W) x 3.8cm (H)

Set Top Box HD

Gibtelecom’s NV800 Set Top Box has 1 GB DDR-III RAM and is connected to your TV via HDMI 1.4 with CEC. 

The video playout is in full HD. 

Power consumption: typical 10W, Low power mode: <0.5W

The STB dimensions are 13.2cm (L) x 13.2cm (W) x 3.5cm (H)

We recommend connecting your TV using a wired service, such as an Ethernet cable, to guarantee service quality however the TV service can also be set up on a wireless connection.

1. Via WPS. Ensure your router is connected and press the WPS button on your router. Within two minutes select the WPs option on the Gibtelecom TV welcome screen. Your set top box should connect to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Select your network and enter password manually. After selecting ‘Wi-Fi’ select your home network from the list of visible SSIDs (network names). Once you have selected your network you will need to enter your password using the Gibtelecom TV remote. There is a show password option to view your entry before submitting to ensure it is entered correctly. Select ‘Join’ to connect to the network.

You can catch up on a selection of channels broadcast during the last seven days. If a channel is available for catch-up you will see a play/pause icon next to it on the TV guide. These channels also allow you to pause, fast forward and rewind when viewing.

Here is the list of channels that have catch-up available: Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1, La Liga, History, History 2, Crime Investigation, Travel Channel, Food Network, Ginx Sports, Luxe.TV, Cars and Stars TV, TVE, Antena 3 Internacional, Telecinco.

Recording live channels is not currently available.

You can take the box with you and all your settings and logins will be saved. However, you will need to have a Gibtelecom broadband connection in your new home and you will need to tell us that you are moving so we can activate the service at the new address.

There is no fee for changing the address of your Gibtelecom TV service.

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