Information Systems Analyst


Job Summary

  • Analyst (middle to top of scale): To be a subject matter expert, in one or more areas of technology, infrastructure, software or services, whilst also being a generalist across the technical function.
  • An Analyst on the upper part of the scale will possess an expanded skillset and considered a senior specialist.
  • Analyst (bottom to middle of scale): To be a generalist across all areas of technology, infrastructure, software and services within the technical function.
  • An Analyst on the lower part of the scale will possess a developing skillset and considered a generalist.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To be a subject matter expert, in relation to a specific remit of technology, infrastructure, software or services:
    1. To operationally maintain and continuously improve the functions within technical remit.
      1. Dimension in line with business requirements, including growth and sparing.
      2. Apply best practices as defined by standardisation committees, industry bodies and vendors.
      3. Track vendors’ technology evolutions and lifecycle.
    2. To participate in the planning, development, design, engineering, architecture, integration, testing, acceptance, optimisation, and implementation activities within technical remit.
    3. To be responsible for the quality and performance of all functions within technical remit.
    4. To coordinate and assure security aspects of all functions within technical remit.
    5. To make good customer-initiated complaints and defects within committed service levels.
    6. To participate in the delivery of projects within specific remit.
    7. To be responsible for drafting, collating, and maintaining a repository of documentation in relation to specific remit.
  1. To be a generalist, across all areas of technology, infrastructure, software or services within the technical function:
    1. To carry out functions, competently and diligently, as detailed, in 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e and 1f.
    2. To contribute to the drafting, collating, and maintaining of a repository of documentation in relation to specific remit.
  1. To execute multi-year roadmaps that align to the technical strategy and business objectives.
  1. To develop within the specific area of technology, infrastructure, software or services, as determined by the Company.
    1. To keep oneself abreast of developments within the industry. Including, participating in standardisation committees, vendor, and industry forums.
    2. To develop and maintain one’s knowledge and skills, in respect to the technical function.
  1. To comply with standards, policies, and procedures.
  1. To support operational counterparts in relation to the specific remit of technology and/or infrastructure.
  2. To support sales and marketing counterparts in relation to the specific remit of technology and/or infrastructure:
    1. To assist with a pre-sales function, if required.
    2. To assist with the productization of any new service linked to the technical function.
  1. To engage with vendors in respect of the technical function:
    1. Contribute to Complex sales when procuring large contracts.
    2. Contribute to negotiations with vendors and strive to maximise value for money.
  1. To be available to assist in any projects and/or duties that the Company may deem reasonable.

  2. To form part of on-call roster, if operationally mandated.



Scope and Remit

All technology, infrastructure, software and functions underpinning Communication Service Provider (CSP) Business Support Systems (BSS). The scope of functions within remit are defined hereunder, but NOT in any way limited to: 

  1. BSS operations:
    1. Reporting and tracking bugs, issues, and enhancement requests related to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.
    2. Collaborating with CRM suppliers to resolve software defects and improve system functionality.
    3. Deploying hotfixes and new releases using standard ITIL and ISO frameworks.
    4. Assisting frontline customer care teams with CRM-related issues, troubleshooting problems, and providing timely solutions.
  1. Provisioning, orchestration, and fulfilment operations:
    1. Troubleshooting provisioning issues by understanding the underlying network functions and dependencies.
    2. Analysing provisioning requests, ensuring accuracy, and resolving provisioning failures promptly.
    3. Collaborating with network operations teams to optimize provisioning processes and maintain service quality.
    4. Implementing improvements to provisioning workflows for efficiency and reliability.
  1. Product and service configuration:
    1. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of the Enterprise product catalogue structure within the BSS system.
    2. Configuring new products and services, ensuring accurate representation of offerings.
    3. Understanding the product structure and relationships within BSS (CRM), including bundling and dependencies.
    4. Proficiently configuring workflows that products and services can trigger, aligning them with customer requirements.
    5. Collaborating with business analysts, product managers and marketing teams to accurately translate product specifications into BSS (CRM) configurations.
    6. Performing regular audits to ensure the alignment of configurations with the evolving product and service portfolio.
    7. Supporting product owners with product-related inquiries, troubleshooting, and updates within the BSS (CRM).
    8. Providing training to relevant teams on how to effectively use and present newly configured products and services to customers.
  1. Billing, charging & rating operations:
    1. Responsible for conducting billing and charging related operations.
    2. Investigating billing discrepancies, rectifying errors, and ensuring timely resolution.
    3. Collaborating with billing and finance teams to validate and reconcile customer invoices.
    4. Identifying opportunities to optimise billing processes and reduce billing errors.
    5. Configuring rating schemas.
  1. Call Detail Record (CDR) and mediation operations:
    1. Understanding and supporting the mediation functionality, responsible for collecting, transforming, and processing network usage data.
    2. Collaborating with mediation system vendors to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to data collection, transformation, and aggregation.
    3. Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data ingested into the mediation system.
    4. Implementing improvements to mediation workflows and data processing for efficiency and accuracy.
    5. Monitoring the performance and reliability of the mediation system, addressing any anomalies or bottlenecks.
    6. Working closely with data analysts to ensure timely access to accurate usage data for reporting and billing purposes.
    7. Providing guidance and support to internal teams regarding the use of mediation system data for analytics and reporting.
    8. Understanding of TAP & BCE.
  1. Systems performance monitoring:
    1. Monitoring the performance and stability of the BSS & OSS ecosystem.
    2. Proactively identifying performance bottlenecks and implementing solutions to enhance system efficiency.
    3. Conducting regular system health checks and generating performance reports.
  1. User Support and Training:
    1. Providing user support to internal teams and stakeholders using BSS systems.
    2. Conducting training sessions to ensure end-users understand and effectively utilize BSS tools and features.
  1. Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:
    1. Maintaining comprehensive documentation related to BSS systems, including system configurations, procedures, and troubleshooting guides.
    2. Sharing knowledge and best practices within the team and across relevant departments.
  1. The following functions currently fall OUTSIDE remit, but it is expected that these will be assumed, in full or in part:
    1. Realtime charging and mediation: Online Charging System

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