Principal Engineer – Fixed Access & In-Home

Ref: PAEFA24


Job Summary

To lead a team and technical function that ensures the delivery of an effective, efficient, and productive environment which can cope with the fluctuations and demands of the business, within the confines of policies and budgets.

To be responsible for the delivery of an excellent service, through the efficient architecture, engineering, and application of technology.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • To lead a technical function as determined by the Company, in relation to a specific remit of technology and/or infrastructure, across relevant markets and countries.
    • To strive for 100% availability of the customer-facing service.
    • To operationally maintain and continuously improve the technical function.
      • Dimension the technical function in line with business requirements, including growth and sparing.
      • Apply best practices as defined by standardisation committees, industry bodies and vendors.
      • Track vendors’ technology evolutions and lifecycle.
    • To lead the planning, development, design, engineering, architecture, integration, testing, acceptance, optimisation, and implementation activities of the technical function.
    • To be responsible and accountable for the quality and performance of the technical function.
    • To coordinate and assure security aspects of the technical function.
    • To manage the resolution of customer-initiated complaints and defects within committed service levels attributed to the technical function.
    • To lead and manage the delivery of projects within the specific remit of the technical function.
    • To be responsible and accountable for drafting, collating, and maintaining a repository of documentation in relation to the technical function.
  • To define and execute multi-year roadmaps that align to the technical strategy and business objectives.
  • To be responsible for leading and developing a highly effective technical team within the specific area of technology and/or infrastructure as determined by the Company.
    • To keep oneself and one’s team abreast of developments within the industry. Including, the participation in standardisation committees, vendor, and industry forums.
    • To develop and maintain subject-matter expertise, in respect to the technical function.
    • To operationally lead and supervise one’s team.
    • To be responsible for the drafting of individual appraisals.
  • To uphold good governance and ensure compliance with standards, policies, and procedures.
  • To support operational counterparts in relation to the specific remit of technology and/or infrastructure:
    • To assist operational teams in determining the correct material resources, systems, and training to perform their duties adequately.
    • To manage and maintain an information exchange relationship with operational counterparts.
  • To support sales and marketing counterparts in relation to the specific remit of technology and/or infrastructure:
    • To assist with a pre-sales function, if required.
    • To assist with the productisation of any new service linked to the technical function.
  • To manage and develop vendor relationships in respect of the technical function:
    • Contribute to and / or conduct Complex sales when procuring large contracts.
    • Conduct negotiations with vendors and strive to maximise value for money.
  • To be responsible for expenditure control in respect of the technical function.
  • To be available to assist in any projects and/or duties that the Company may deem reasonable.
  • Principal Engineers are expected to be available on a 24/7 basis.


Scope and Remit

  • All technology, infrastructure and functions underpinning Next Generation Fixed Access services (internet, voice, television, data, …) including 'in-home’ and enterprise edge. The scope of functions under direct responsibility are defined hereunder, but NOT in any way limited to:
    • Fixed Access: FTTH/FTTP access nodes, DSL access nodes, narrowband voice access nodes, and associated variants of each implementation ([x]PON, [x]P2P, VDSL2, G.Vector, …)
      • Physical infrastructure in support of Fixed Access Networks, including Central Office governance.
    • Fixed Access (Enterprise), in support of enterprise services.
    • Fixed Access Aggregation Network, including aggregation nodes.
    • Fixed Access Service Nodes: BNG, BRAS, AAA, DNS, DHCP, CGNAT, ACS.
    • Enterprise Edge: Multi-service CPE, ATA / IAD, NGFW (IPS, IDS, Filtering, …), SASE (SD-WAN, Zero-trust access, …), and enterprise-grade WIFI.
    • Consumer Edge: Multi-service CPE(s).
    • In-home: WIFI and Smart Home.


  • The following functions will be within remit, but it is expected that operational activities will, in full or in part, be undertaken by specialist teams.
    • Software infrastructure supporting PNFs, VNFs and CNFs.*
    • Hardware infrastructure supporting PNFs, VNFs and CNFs.*

The Principal Engineer will continue to be accountable for the governance of technical functions required for the proper delivery of the service(s) within their remit.

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