Never miss a call with our free voicemail service.


Setting up your voicemail is easy and a voice prompt will guide you through the various features and options available.


Getting started


To set up your voicemail dial 123 from your landline phone. Key in your mailbox number (this is the same as your eight digit phone number) followed by *. Key in your passcode (the default password is 12345) and then follow the steps to personalise your mailbox.


You can then set up your line for voicemail to answer calls as follows: 

• Voicemail to answer 'all calls' Dial *21* 123 #

• Voicemail to answer 'on no reply' Dial *61* 123 # 

• Voicemail to answer 'on busy' Dial *67* 123 # 


Note: Diversion on busy and on no reply may be active simultaneously.


Checking your voicemail


You can check your voicemail from any phone anywhere in the world, allowing you to check your messages, change your greeting or review your voicemail settings. To access your voicemail: 


• Dial 123 if calling from your home phone or +350 20061234 if calling from abroad, another local number or a Gibtelecom mobile.

• Key in your mailbox number (same as telephone number) followed by* 

• Key in your passcode 



Note: Calls from local landlines to 123 are free. Calls to 20061234 are charged at applicable rates.

Setting up a call barring prevents your phone from making calls to certain numbers. You should speak to a Customer Services Representative to set it up and obtain your PIN number.


To set up dial *34code#, to check *#34# and to cancel dial #34code*PIN#


Call barring codes:

1. Restricts all calls 

2. Restricts mobile calls 

3. Restricts international calls 

4. Restricts operator assisted calls

5. Restrict premium calls

Charges apply for this service.

To change PIN: *03*oldPIN*newPIN*newPIN#

This service allows you to divert calls to another number so you don’t miss an important call.


Calls may be diverted in the following ways: 


Basic diversion


Diverts all calls destined for your number to another number. 

Set up *21*number you wish to divert to#

Check *#21# 

Cancel #21#


Diversion on busy 


Diverts calls when your line is busy. 

Set up *67*number you wish to divert to#

Check *#67# 

Cancel #67#


Diversion on no reply 


Diverts calls when there is no reply. 

Set up *61*number#

Check *#61#

Cancel #61#



Note: Diversion on busy and no reply may be used simultaneously.Usage rates apply on diverted calls (excluding calls to voicemail). Available rental free on residential lines, however rental charges apply on all business lines (except when using voicemail). 

Alerts you while you are on a call that another call is waiting. You can put the first call on hold and answer the second call or alternatively choose to reject the call. 


Set up *43#      

Check *#43#      

Cancel #43# 


To answer the new call and release the original call Press R1 

To switch between calls press R2 


To reject the incoming call press R0

Three way calling lets you add a third party to an existing call – great when you have some news to share or are trying to make plans with a group of people.


To connect a new caller to an existing call press R (placing the existing call on hold) and dial the third party number. You can then establish a three way call by pressing R, listening for dial tone and then pressing 3



Note: This service is available free of charge on residential lines, however rental charges apply on all business lines. Usage rates apply.

Need to wake up early and don’t want to rely on your alarm? Set up your phone to ring you back at whatever time you specify, a bit like a hotel wake-up call.


Set up *55*time(e.g. 1415)#

Check *#55#

Cancel #55#


Time should be entered in the 24 hour format e.g. 9.25pm would be 2125.



Note: There is a 10p charge per reminder call.

Smart return

Want to know who the last person that called you was? Our smart return service gives you details of the last number that dialled your phone number. To use smart return dial 1471 and wait for the message then either dial 3 to automatically return the call, or replace the handset if you do not wish to return the call. There is no charge for dialling 1471. Ex-directory or confidential numbers will not be announced.


Smart release

This allows customers who are ex-directory or have their number permanently masked to release the identity of their telephone number on a call by call basis. To use smart release, dial 1470 followed by the number you wish to call.


Smart number masking

This allows customers who are NOT ex-directory to withhold the identity of their telephone number on a call by call basis. To use smart number masking, dial 141 followed by the number you wish to call.


Ring back when free

Calling someone and the lines continuously engaged? This facility will take away the frustration of listening to an engaged tone. Simply press when the line is engaged, replace the handset and wait for your phone to ring back once the party you are calling ends their call. 

This is only available for residential lines and applies to local calls only. There is no charge for using this facility, however usage rates apply once the returned call is answered.

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