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New Pay Monthly plans

Call us on 20052200 to switch to one of our new Pay Monthly plans now.

You can get more for your money by signing up to one of our new SIM only Pay Monthly plans. 12 month contract applies.

Boost your data

If you are on one of our Pay Monthly mobile plans and eat up your allowances early, don't worry!
We have data boosts allowing you to purchase a one-off boost for your plan to get you through to the end of the month.
Your new allowances will kick in on the first day of the following month.
2GB for £10
5GB for £14
8GB for £18
15GB for £23
Purchase a boost via, the My Gibtelecom app or by calling 20052200.

Out-of-bundle local call, text and data rates

We have a range of plans available to suit all usage needs, packed with inclusive data, minutes and text allowances so you don’t have to worry about paying per use. We do however understand that every once in a while, you may need to call or text out-of-bundle.To help keep things simple all out-of-bundle local calls are charged at 20p per minute, texts at 12p per SMS, MMS at 25p per message and data at 17p per MB. Whether you are calling a mobile, landline or a local off-net number, and at any time of day, since there are no peak or off-peak rates, the cost of making a call in Gibraltar is always the same. To make things even better, we no longer charge any call connection fees. All calls are charged per second after an initial one minute minimum.